Sunday, January 9, 2011

Buses continued to roll because of MTA incompetence

From Fox 5:

MTA sources say one reason the buses kept rolling was that they only issued a Blue Alert on December 26, 2010, as the storm was beginning.

The MTA's own guidelines say a blue alert can be put in place when accumulations have begun, and forecast for continued precipitation has been issued by the weather reporting services...the buses can roll, but they keep track of where they are.

Sources say the last snowstorm clearly fell under red alert status, which they say was never declared. That can be activated when an extremely severe snowstorm is in progress, and the president or senior vice president orders the alert level to be raised from blue to red.

If that had happened, say the sources, buses would have been kept off the roads until they were ready, or at the least had chains put on their tires in preparation. That forced riders to play a guessing game about whether a bus would be there.

These sources also say older MTA buses can only handle a maximum of about 2 inches of snow on the road and the newer, electric buses cannot function in snow at all because of smaller tires and the fact that they have only 1 gear, and not enough power to pull out when they're stuck.

The MTA said it would not comment until its own investigation was complete.


Anonymous said...

Well if the little troll mayor would've called a snow emergency and told everyone to stay off the roads, then everyone would've taken the storm more seriously. The troll told everyone to go out, go see a play. All the idiots followed his lead.

Anonymous said...

i could not go to see a play because the d.o.s. employee(who should be fired) did not lower the plow shovel and do the job he is going to be paid for, with taxpayer money.

bayside ,tue.10pm,from northern blvd, to l.i.r.r.???????

Anonymous said...

Where in Bayside? There's a whole stretch of Bayside between the LIRR and Northern Boulevard. And did you get the ID number of the truck and the date and time?

If you have this information, report it to the City DOI. If you didn't, you're wasting your time writing this and ours reading this.

Anonymous said...

You did get the date and time. What about a more specific location and the truck number?

Anonymous said...

bayside begins at francis lewis blvd. the section referred to on this website by two other commenters, from northern blvd.,north to the l.i.r.r. is enough information to target the evil yellow plow non-operator, on that night shift.

the d.o.i. is not competent or trying ,if they can not locate him.

Anonymous said...

With the information you've given, they can't. Do you think that there was only one truck out there?

As lousy a job as DOS did, there were still a lot of trucks out there.

If you give them the truck number, it's like having fingerprints.