Monday, October 11, 2010

Who needs a counterterror program?

From the NY Post:

A City Council member who heads a committee overseeing the NYPD demanded answers yesterday after The Post exposed cuts to the city's counterterrorism programs.

"If the Operation Atlas program has been scaled back, especially in light of recent terror threats, then this would be another example of the devastating effect of the budget cuts that have been imposed on your department," Peter Vallone Jr., who heads the Public Safety Committee, wrote to Commissioner Ray Kelly yesterday.

The 7-year-old program that flooded high-risk areas with uniformed officers suffered a severe blow when department brass on Sept. 19 ordered a freeze on overtime.

Vallone also expressed concern that Operation Atlas had expanded beyond counterterrorism duties to traditional police duties, with deployments to housing projects and high-crime areas.

The program, which cost an estimated $5 million a year, had used 72 overtime officers per shift and was credited with foiling an al Qaeda plot to attack the Brooklyn Bridge.

Great, more money for tweeding programs!

Photo from the Daily News


Anonymous said...

Hey folks,you're on your own......

Anonymous said...

It was all about money, anyway.

Anonymous said...

People who were downright sympathetic to the ideology of the terrorists and who were and remain indifferent to what happens in Manhattan now slobber at the majority of the pork in Homeland Security and make every real job ever more complicated, to the benefit if the terrorists.