Monday, October 11, 2010

Bedlam in Bayside

From 1010WINS:

Police said three men were breaking into cars parked at the Adria Hotel on Northern Blvd. when a witness called 911.

A police helicopter circled overhead in Bayside, Queens as cops on the ground scoured the neighborhood looking for the suspects. The witness, who didn’t want his name used, spoke to 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria.

“I heard noises, looked through the fence, saw guys breaking into the car, went upstairs and made [the] 911 call,” he said, “And then police came and all hell broke loose.”

Two suspects tried to get away on foot and one tried to flee in a green van that had been stolen earlier in the day, D’Auria reported.

The van actually smashed into two police cars and nine police officers were injured in the incident. All the injuries were relatively minor.

Police have two suspects in custody.


Anonymous said...

NINE officers were hurt? Come on now. I'm one of the few that comments here that supports the police 99% of the time, but NINE? Stop. Just stop.

Anonymous said...


Police have to fabricate injuries so that it makes their case stronger when it is presented by the DA to the judge.

Anonymous said...

H-m-m-m-m....looks like twee little Bayside has become more Flushing-ized!

Colorful, vibrant, diverse!

What ever happened to those upstanding old line wasp drunks that used to live there?

I'm tellin' ya that nabe's goin' to hell 'n fast!

Anonymous said...

Heard it all over the scanner and was SHOCKED when I only heard it on the radio the next morning. Kinda fishy that it wasn't reported on more...

Anonymous said...

That hotel has always been shady.

Anonymous said...

That hotel has always been shady.

It's right near the juncture of two main thoroughfares (Northern Blvd and the Cross Island Pkwy), so criminals have an easy escape after committing their deeds.