Saturday, October 2, 2010

Queens nutcase roundup

From the NY Post:

A man slugged a stranger in Forest Hills and then slashed his face with a shard of glass, police said.

David Vittor, 43, allegedly pounced on his victim on Metropolitan Avenue near 73rd Avenue at 11:50 p.m. Sunday.

A responding officer nabbed Vittor.

The victim needed about 30 stitches in his face, and suffered broken teeth.


An unhinged man was busted after he allegedly threatened to "massacre" partygoers outside an Astoria nightclub.

Ismael Piedrahita, 26, was raising a ruckus in front of the club on 57th Street near 32nd Avenue early Sunday when a security officer approached him, sources said.

"I have a gun in the car. I will massacre you all," cops allegedly heard Piedrahita shout.

He clashed with officers and yelled, "Get away from my car," slamming his door on a cop, according to court papers.

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