Friday, October 15, 2010

One down, only 5,367 to go!

From WPIX:

Less than 72 hours after PIX 11 News reporter Greg Mocker reported on a disastrously rough and pothole-laden road in Willits Point, residents, business owners, and motorcyclists are enjoying a smooth ride – on fresh asphalt.

Mocker says the New York City Department of Transportation took incredibly swift action after his report, dispatching crews to clean and then pave the long-neglected stretch of 34th Ave. near Citi Field.

Members of the Queensboro Motorcycle Club, which is located on the road, originally asked Mocker to help get the road fixed when their attempts had been stymied. Today, club members were elated.

"We've been doing this for three years to get this road fixed," said club president Billy Goldstein. "In two days you were able to do this. As we say here, it was off the hook."

Embarrassing the city worked again. In fact, it seems to be the only thing that does.


Tired of fighting the system said...

I need to call this guy about the two factory's on my block (78st) in Middle Village. Juniper Industries is the worst of the two. The noise, vibrations, paint fumes, sidewalks used as storage, and the list goes on and on. We've complained to the community board, local politicians, ect....nada was really done. All we are told is they bring business into middle village and we need to learn to live together.

The other business is Lewis Brass & Copper. This one uses the street as a loading zone. The loading bay on Copper Ave is too small for the 18 wheelers that pick up loads, so they just load up the trucks on the street.

Both use the sidewalks as storage for deliveries and have forklifts constantly on the go. These forklifts have no NY plates or registration stickers on them. We can't even get a clear answer from anyone if they are even allowed to operate on the street. The cops and brownies never ticket the trucks or the forklifts that are parked and loading in front of a "No Parking" sign.

Tired of fighting the system said...

That is a look from google street view. As you can see the trucks parked right under a "No Parking" sign. The scaffolding and the booth up on the roof were both installed illegally. It took 6 years before the city acted on the complaints. All it cost Juniper Industries was a $500 fine for 6 years of use.

georgetheatheist said...

I want to be a biker. Where can I sign up to take lessons? The Look. The Duds. The Groove.

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Anonymous said...

You live next to buildings that are zoned for manufacturing/industrial use and you complain about the noise/ nuisance? What did you expect?
Would you rather live next to abandoned warehouses? Because that's the only way those buildings won't be a nuisance.
It is pretty common for forklifts to operate on the street to unload deliveries from trucks, I have seen this many times in many different types of neighborhoods. I'm not sure about the technical legality of it, but it is a necessity for many businesses, as is street parking for loading/unloading.

Anonymous said...

Forklifts need tags to operate on the streets. The only way you can operate on the street without tags is with a special permit.

The zoning for the buildings was changed in mid nineties. Those buildings use to be used for warehouses. Most of the people on the block have lived here before the zone change.

linda said...

hey mocker your our superman! now can you come to maspeth where Mr. Wang owns a back lot and he's illegally digging up the property and burying garbage!