Monday, October 4, 2010

Murder in Glen Oaks

From the Daily News:

A man leaving a party at an Indian restaurant was shot to death early Monday when a hail of gunfire erupted in a quiet Queens neighborhood, cops said.

Lemaira Rennalds, 30, and a female friend were blasted as they got into a car near the Platinum Palace Indian Restaurant on Union Turnpike in Glen Oaks just before 3 a.m., cop sources said.

Rennalds, who was hit five times in the chest, died at a hospital in Nassau County. His 20-year-old companion, who took several bullets in the legs, was in stable condition at a different Nassau hospital, police said.

Witnesses reported hearing more than a dozen shots, some of which appeared to have been fired from an automatic weapon. The car was riddled with at least 16 bullet holes, including nine in the windshield.

"There was a party. The male and the female exit the party," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told reporters Monday. "They are attacked by two men. One was wearing a hooded sweatshirt."

The motive was not clear. Police sources said Rennalds, of St. Albans, Queens, had a record of arrests for gun possession and grand larceny.


Anonymous said...

So arrest everyone with a hooded sweatshirt already.

Anonymous said...

Glen Oaks is one of the most safest parts of Queens. Compare that to where this savage lived(St.Albans)

Anonymous said...

The ex-boyfriend of the 20 yr old.......THese shootings/murders are starting again.The perps know there are almost no cops on the street after 11:30pm.

Anonymous said...

Who let an animal from St. Albans into Glen Oaks???

We need checkpoints!

Anonymous said...

There are parts of St. Albans where there should be checkpoints to keep someone like you out.

mensajes claro said...

It' so sad .

Anonymous said...

Wise men said, "Nothing good ever happened after midnight"