Monday, October 4, 2010

Cuomo and DiNapoli helping shady Shulman

Willets Point United Inc. Exposes Shulman Grant Ineligibility; DiNapoli Involved After Cuomo's Failure to Act

The following is a letter from Willets Point United attorney Michael Gerrard of Arnold and Porter to State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli about the disbursal of $1.5M+ state grant money to ineligible applicant, Flushing-Willets Point-Corona Local Development Corporation. How can he betray the trust of the taxpayers of New York and allow this to go on?

Letter to Tom DiNapoli



Joe said...

These people all thave their hands in each others laps including the Mayor.
The Feds need to envoke the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and clean all this shit up.
These people have been allowed to run-amuck unchecked too long.
Last I checked organized crime is still illegal

Remember the Cuomo mob in November !

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Shulman's LDC is poised to receive $1.5 million taxpayer funds, while failing to meet multiple statutory requirements which no one is entitled to waive. If that is not bad enough, then let's remember a few of the other things already accomplished by Shulman's LDC:

• Lobbied without registering to do so, resulting in the then-record penalty of $59,090.00 (which Shulman's LDC is paying through 2011 under an outrageous interest-free payment plan);

• Lobbied contrary to §1411 of the NYS Not-For-Profit Corporation Law, which prohibits LDCs from engaging in any lobbying whatsoever (this entitles Attorney General Cuomo to annul or dissolve Shulman's LDC, but he has not done so);

• Filed an IRS Form 990 indicating that the LDC has engaged in "No" lobbying, during the same timeframe in which the LDC has reported its lobbying activities to New York City and State;

• Obstructed the City Council's oversight, by giving testimony denying receiving the third payment in the amount of $200,000.00, which NYCEDC had disbursed to Shulman's LDC prior to the testimony and during an ongoing investigation of alleged unlawful lobbying by the LDC;

• Retroactively amended its lobbyist reports, to drastically reduce the dollar amounts that the LDC attributes to lobbying expenses (for example, from $129,999.99 all the way down to $9,750.00 for the year 2007), while incongruously TRIPLING the entitles that are acknowledged as "targets" of the LDC's lobbying;

• Evaded compliance with the NYS Public Authorities Accountability Act, by (for example) informing the Independent Authorities Budget Office in writing that the LDC is not sponsored by the City – contrary to a written funding agreement, which states that "the City of New York shall provide matching funds to FWPC', and contrary to the LDC's actual receipt of $450,000.00.

Let's hope that all of the above are investigated, and that those responsible are held to account. Enough is enough.

back in black with the facts said...

the best is she wants to use this money to push out the other honest business owners on the college pt blvd side of the river.she already is saying these people property is a brownfield...what does that mean? condemnation like everything else she does. I hope they throw this slimbag old bag in the can with no windows to look out at the damage she has caused

Belle Lugosi said...


Anonymous said...

This (most likely) is really all about WELLINGTON CHEN & SHULMAN'S cozy relationship (and CB# 7) who look damn like they're in cahoots with overseas Chinese connections which go way back to the Donald Manes days.

Investigate "Fultonex", TDC", "F&T".
That's where the trouble lies.

Wasn't Wellington Chen a vice president of one of these three firms?

Manes may have died but his rubbish, in the form of the Queens machine, is uncollected yet to serve their prison terms.

They are alive and doing very well for themselves.

And unless the feds investigate Gary Ackerman, the daisy chain of crooks remains unbroken.

He's at the crossroads of it all!

And Shulman is currently executing Manes' plans for developing Willets Point.

After all...she was his crooked stooge from the get-go!

Anonymous said...

Gary Ackerman is listed as one of the "targets" of Shulman's lobbying.

Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather flock together. You will see more and more of this if Cuomo is elected governor. Gives a whole new meaning to the term, Thick As Thieves!

Omar D. Tentmaker said...


Order your ORANGE jumpsuits now!

After sewing one for Claire the Clown (You can't spell clown without C-O-W), I'm running out of fabric. Order now or it's government issue. You fat cats are too good for that, right?

Chuck and Gene said...

Hey Omar, can we have epaulets?

Anonymous said...

Andrew Cuomo is *not* an honorable defender of the citizen's of New York. Cuomo is a tool of big money organized crime, hedge funds, scammers, and most importantly the crooked lawyers and judges that in turn protect and enable them. We need to spread the word to the general public.