Friday, October 8, 2010

FEMA won't replace trees

Dear QCC members and friends,

The Queens Civic Congress has learned that any disaster aid program administered by FEMA would not include funds to replace the thousands of trees lost in the September 16 storm. QCC urges you to contact members of Congress to plead for assistance in replacing the downed trees that provided enormous environmental and aesthetic benefits to our neighborhoods.

Thus, FEMA would not help with the restoration of trees in MacArthur Park in Forest Hills where half the trees were destroyed rendering this local park a disaster. Nor would FEMA offer assistance to replace the hundreds of trees Middle Village or Forest Hills lost.

There is nothing like a tree.

Please contact your local member of Congress and ask him/her to demand tree replacement assistance for the affected boroughs from FEMA.

Pat Dolan
Rich Hellenbrecht

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Anonymous said...

What members in Congress. Joe Crowley is planting trees in front of his Alexandria Va home not in Elmhurst stupid?

Anonymous said...

What about Bloomberg's Million Trees program? It should step in.

Anonymous said...

McDonald Park. (McArthur Park is melting in the dark)
It's probably a good idea not to replace the trees since the city can't seem to take care of them anyway.

Anonymous said...

FEMA no longer gives $$$ to replace shoddy construction or lack of maintenance (in this case the trees).
Thats what happens when you need to support and feed 3 million anchor babys that will be pregnant by age 12 repeating the 3rd world cycle again

FEMA learned that lesson in St.Croix during Hurricane Hugo where 1/2 the buildings were sheds made out of 4X8 pieces of plywood, nails and mud.
Katrina was the last nail in the coffin for them

Mayor M. Bloomtard said...

What about Bloomberg's Million Trees program?


I've got good news and I've got bad news. First the good news. I will plant one million trees in NYC. The bad news? We've lost 2 million!!!! Duh!

Anonymous said...

The Bloomberg administration has been far too busy smoking "trees" (if you catch my drift) to give a flying fuck about any non-millionaire New Yorkers!

Maybe we need a "joint session" of Congress (LOL) to take up the slack.

Think I'll go puff some "Mary Jane". myself to relieve my anxiety

Anonymous said...

Maybe Queens Civic Congress should start a tree planting Miss Paricia Dolan spinster?

What the hell do they do anyway besides pretend to be a potent force?

Anonymous said...

"What the hell do they do anyway besides pretend to be a potent force?"

Have secret meetings with the Flushing-Willets Point-Corona LDC and then reject Willets Point United for membership.

Anonymous said...

Oops...correction...I left out the "T" in Patricia.

Don't want to get my knuckles rapped by the nuns I?

Anonymous said...

Do you mean that the "Queen Pat of Kew Gardens Hills" has cut a deal with Shulman...the crooked executive director of the Willets Point boondoggle?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is QCC's Dolan still on the dole...I mean on the city payroll?

That might account for her not wanting to make any waves RE Willets Point.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what a FOIL request can dig up.

Anonymous said...

Twin portraits in mediocrity...Dolan & Bearak!

Nobody ever seems to want to make any waves for the sake of their own neighborhoods getting penalized and punished!

Be silent...go along with the WP land grab and your nabe gets QUISLINGS!

Anonymous said...

The Redevelopment Plan for Willets Point was certified by the NYC City Planning Commission on Monday, April 21, 2008. It was a necessary milestone in the advancement of this project. Unfortunately, the Final Scope of the EIS includes some alternative proposals that were not at any time part of the original proposal. The LDC’s position will remain that it supports the project for the whole site as one entity.

1. Efforts this month included:
• Community Board #7 Land Use Committee meetings
• Transportation Committee Meetings
• Flushing Chamber of Commerce
• Seth Bornstein, La Guardia Community College
• Field walk-through with TA—Joseph Raskin
• Presentation Willets Point to Top 10 Women
• Meeting with the Chronicle
• Meeting with New York Mets
• Meeting with Queens Civic Congress
• Meeting with Betsey Gotbaum
• Meeting with Deputy Mayor Lieber

Anonymous said...

Maybe Queens Civic Congress
should change their name to Queens Quislings!

They only admit polite civic associations to their ranks.

The "unruly" outspoken ones need not apply.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Claire Shulman's faccia brutta lately?

It looks like it's melting like Mc Arthur Park or the wicked witch of the east.

Honestly Claire you should cover your face like you do your ass!

Anonymous said...

LOL....then how can we tell which is which?

Anonymous said...

Phew....not by the smell....they both stink!

Anonymous said...

Claire & Wellington....that's where the FBI probe should begin.

I'll donate orange jump suits for both of them.

Anonymous said...

The shady trio...TDC, Chen, Shulman.

Want an interesting look-see?

Google "TDC, F&T, Fultonex" the Chinese connection to the "Willets Point & Flushing Commons" hand jobs.

Wasn't Wellington Chen (CB# 7's landlord) vice president of one of these firms?

All three are connected anyway!