Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stale spin from EDC

"Because you don't see physical activity on the ground, people assume [that some projects] are stalled, [that] they're not happening," Pinsky told a packed crowd at a Bisnow panel discussion on public and private development partnerships today. "There are two misconceptions," about the city's development initiatives, Pinsky added: "one is that we haven't had success with big projects and two, that we've only been focused on big projects."

Although the project has been stymied along the way, Pinsky said that Coney Island's rebirth ranks as one of the Bloomberg administration's greatest accomplishments.

Heh. Okay. If this is one of it's greatest accomplishments, that doesn't say much for the administration, now does it? In most people's estimation it would need to be completed, proven profitable and embraced by the public before it could be called an accomplishment.

But once again, this is Bloomturd's world. We just live in it.

On the other hand, they once had hucksters at Coney Island, so these guys are at least honoring that tradition.


Anonymous said...

Pinksy, a Bloomberg boy is full of crap. He lies for the administration. where did the stimulus money go besides into Republican pockets.
Pinksy, resign now.

Anonymous said...

Seth Pinsky looks like a tired ass Chelsea queen.

Anonymous said...

will you name the Republican's who have the stimulus money in their pockets?bloomberg is originally a democrat,who conveniently switched to a rino. most of his appointees in n.y.c. government are liberal/democrats. the same in bloomberg's company.

C.Schumer's wife(D.O.T.) now with C.U.N.Y. Chanc.J.Klein,(D.O.E.)...D.O.B.,Dept. OF Parks,Dept.Of Finance etc.etc.etc.