Friday, March 5, 2010

So who owns Weiner?

From the NY Post:

That was some temper tantrum the terminally excitable Anthony Weiner threw on the floor of the House of Representatives the other day.

It was a trademark rant on alleged GOP obstructionism on ObamaCare: "The Republican Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry -- that's a fact," Weiner declared.

Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Calif.), who -- like every other Republican -- appreciates that his party is no such thing, understandably objected: He asked that Weiner's tirade be stricken from the record.

Weiner sulked for a few seconds and then retracted his words, changing them to: "Every single Republican I've ever met in my entire life is a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry."

And then he stalked off, smirking.


But who owns Weiner?

The unions, for starters. Over the years, according to Federal Election Commission records, he's taken more than $631,000 from just about every Big Labor outfit imaginable.

Or the trial lawyers.

Well, they don't call themselves that anymore -- they're the American Association for Justice. And their political action committee has forked over $43,000 to keep Weiner in Congress.

Or groups like the AMA, the American Hospital Association and lobbying outfits for radiologists, cardiologists, podiatrists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, pathologists -- even veterinarians. They've been good for $122,500.

Wall Street -- you know, those financial companies that Democrats love to bash -- has kicked in $92,750.

Then there's the home builders' lobby ($22,500), the auto dealers' lobby ($25,000), the Realtors' lobby ($41,000), casino companies ($20,500) and the beer wholesalers ($12,500).

As for the evil insurance industry, Weiner has glommed up at least $20,300 from such companies as John Hancock, Met Life, MONY, New York Life and Prudential, as well as from the American Council of Life Insurers.

Sort of makes you wonder why all these special interests think that Anthony Weiner is so . . . well, special.


Anonymous said...

Time to come out of the closet...........

Oscar Meyer said...

I have a weiner!

Anonymous said...

it sounds like he got his talking points from Q.C.'s Lino,the lying liberal loyalass.

Lino said...

"Anonymous said...

it sounds like he got his talking points from Q.C.'s Lino,the lying liberal loyalass."

Frustrated, ignorant old man....But thanks for thinking of me anyway.

BTW: Did you catch this one:

HA-HA Stupid con-servatives f'ed again.

As for Weiner's remark, he's right but they are -all- owned by bifg business.

stinky said...

Seems like he is soliciting from the Insurance Co to pony up more $$. They have the lowest % contributions of any industry he collects from.

Anonymous said...

The Post can't even acknowledge that republicans are in the insurance industries whores?

has the Post ever said anything negative about republicans? I mean conservative republicans.

This insurance measure, which I am against because no one truly completely understands it, is good for buisnesses and job creation. Why isn't anyone talking about that? Aren't the republicans about business? When did the Republicans turn into the 'No to anything Democrat' and Pro-Jesus party I grew up supporting. Why isn't it about smaller government and helping businesses create jobs?

When we had control we spent like Liberals and fucked it up for Reagan Republicans forever.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like to me that the unions support Weiner because an extremly large amount of union workers live in the 9th congressional so maybe the people the own Weiner are.....wait for it....his constituents. Or is that too big a word for the readers of this blog.
Some of his biggest supporters are the Fire Departments Union, the PBA. The teachers union. Sure sounds a lot like most of my neighbors.
Weiner has been the biggest supporter of the cleanup of Jamaica Bay and has been fighting for us non stop.
But Hey - He's skinny, Jewish and has a funny name - well I guess you cant vote for him then.

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah... because the people whose take home pay is ~$40,000/yr are shelling money out to Weiner and he is taking care of them. NOT.

The union and its members are not one and the same. He is supposed to represent the people who live in his district, not the interests of organized labor. Even in union-friendly NY State, only 25% of the people benefit from union membership. And many of them are retired.

Babs said...

Anonymous said: "The Post can't even acknowledge that republicans are in the insurance industries whores?

has the Post ever said anything negative about republicans? I mean conservative republicans."


Babs said...

I'd like to ask the right wing on the thread a question -

Yesterday I went to my local nursery to buy Burpee seeds - it was my desire to start tomatoes from seed in one of my sunny windows which I had done successfully in the past.

My local nursery (in business at least for 30 years) - who ALWAYS has the most knowledgeable and helpful staff - and sells plants that are healthy and for reasonable prices told me that Burpee will now ONLY DO BUSINESS WITH HOME DEPOT and LOWES. Burpee signed a contract with both megastores.

Question - WTF?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

there are no republicans in n.y.c. or nys politics. thats why the Post can not say a negative word about them.

just a few minority g.o.p.that barely survived the fixed local elections.

BURP.....BURP......BURP.......WEINER ATE A weiner.....