Friday, March 5, 2010

Bloomberg admits payroll system a disaster; has no idea who is in charge

From the Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg acknowledged Monday the $722 million CityTime system has "been a disaster" - but offered no plans to fix it.

He couldn't even say who was in charge of it.

The project to replace paper timesheets with hand scanners for city workers was supposed to cost $68 million when proposed in 1998, but is still only one-third finished.

"It's been a disaster. It is one of these massive computer projects that very seldom ever is successful," said Bloomberg, who made his fortune with financial data systems.

He made no suggestions on how to fix CityTime, and mistakenly told reporters Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler had been working on it for years.

"Ed's spent, it's an incalculable amount of time over the last few years looking at it, and you know, he's still trying to figure out," Bloomberg said, turning to Skyler. "You want to add anything to that?"

"No," the startled Skyler replied.

CityTime is managed by the Office of Payroll Administration, which is jointly controlled by the mayor and controller.

OPA Director Joel Bondy reports to Mark Page, Bloomberg's budget director.


NYC Educator said...

I'm actually surprised at that. Didn't Bloomberg insist he needed a third term because he was the only one who could handle the financial situation?

Anonymous said...

I use it and it is a disaster and causes many skilled employees to work solely on CityTime issues instead of the projects they perform for city related issues.

During an H1N1 outbreak, hand scanners are the way to go?!?

Rice Queen said... WTF is Mr. Comptroller Liu doing...someone in the mens room?

Or maybe he's too busy finding new ways to launder money from Asia for pol's campaign contributions.

Isn't that what got him in the money seat anyway...3 million clams were in his war chest? Yo...what ?!!!

Anonymous said...

Ask Ackerman about that "Rice Queen".

He's on the Asia committee and how VERY convenient!