Sunday, March 21, 2010

Homeless shelters take in Illegals

From the Queens Courier:

Bearing the brunt of unstable earnings, every day is based on luck for the jornaleros, or day laborers, who, at the crack of dawn, wait along the sidewalks of Queens for the next passing van to stop – vans that carry the opportunity of employment.

But also each day they face the uncertainty about whether they’ll get work in the sectors that will have them – construction, gardening, cleaning or moving and with the downslide in the economy, this also means many have no place to call home.

The New York City Department of Homeless Services (DHS) does not have specific statistics available on the number of homeless day laborers, according to spokesperson Heather Janik. Janik said that DHS extends services to anyone experiencing homeless regardless of immigration status or country of origin.

DHS has begun “exploring strategies to clarify an individual’s immigration status, as well as helping them obtain ID and fee waivers for documentation,” said Janik.

The estimated day laborer population in New York City is 8,283, and almost a third is homeless, according to a 2006 report called “La Esquina (The Corner): Day laborers on the Margins of New York’s Formal Economy.”

The report states that most day laborers are Latino, but there are informal hiring sites that are predominantly Irish, Sikh, Haitian, and Chinese. Certain sites have a large concentration of women... who search for day jobs as housekeepers, babysitters, or janitors. Many report experiencing sexual harassment, and the most common abuse for all is nonpayment of wages.

Many day laborers suffer from overcrowding in homes, pooling their resources together to live in cramped apartments. However, an increasing number have turned to living in the streets because they cannot afford to pay for a single room. In January, a homeless day laborer was found dead in Staten Island, frozen in the cold.

So what happens when they are no longer "doing the jobs Americans won't do"? Lose your life or go into a homeless shelter that we pay for? It's great living a sanctuary city isn't it?

Imagine if we went to a foreign country to live without permission and then became a burden on society. Funny how you never hear about other countries that condone and welcome that.


"Honest Joe" Crowley's Friend said...

Hones Joe, he ess mi amigo. He makes sure dat we are welcom, haf a place to stay, geet work, and breeg de misses and me seex kids here.

When we haf a babi at Elmhurst General, we are on the wa to beecomin ceetazins.

Oh, Hones Joe, he good man. I vote for himm de rest o my lif eef I evra become de cetazin.

Anonymous said...

DHS has begun “exploring strategies to clarify an individual’s immigration status, as well as helping them obtain ID and fee waivers for documentation,” said Janik.

We should be obtaining FED assistance in Fed law enforcement, handcuffing and freighting these criminals home to their county of origin and billing their consulate.

NYC Educator said...

Just as a point of information, while you're correct you don't hear about it, this certainly occurs in other countries. I've seen it in Canada, for example, where I spend a lot of time.

Anonymous said...

Canada has their own issues.

I was in Vancouver, and noted the large homeless population. seemed more per-capita than here in NYC.

I asked a local about it, and they said that cities like Montreal and Edmonton will give one way bus tickets to their homeless to get them to Vancouver (which has very liberal homeless laws, making it a mecca and the locals cant do anything about it).

Deke DaSilva said...

Here we go again with the sob story "puff pieces" that the uncritical "press" loves to trot out in order to tug at our heart freaking hoo!!!

You gotta love this line: Many report experiencing sexual harassment, and the most common abuse for all is nonpayment of wages.

Funny, our "ace" reporter makes no mention of the sexual harassment directed by the saintly day laborers towards women, primarily white women. I wonder why? Doesn't quite fit into her narrative perhaps?

The Queens Courier demonstrates their loyalty to Tammany Hall by giving a plug for the supposed "march" on Washington being held today. Camille Bautista - that's some excellent reporting you're doing at the Queens Courier!!

The journalism in Al Goldstein's Screw magazine displayed higher standards then the drek in the Queens Courier!

cherokeesista said...

Next ,Obama,Bloomberg and the rest are going to tell us that WE MUST MOVE THEM IN WITH US!!!!! DEPORT THEM!!!!!

Manuel Labor said...

Many report experiencing sexual harassment, and the most common abuse for all is nonpayment of wages.

I got my "job" through the Queens Tribune!

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new. They say they can't round them up. Yet they know where they are.

Illegals and murderers (legal and nonlegal) are in homeless shelters along with the unemployed legal non-felon residents.

The sham domestic violence website also sends domestic violence victims to these crap shelters,yet states they have beds in safe houses.

By the way, this morning a Spanish man came to my door. He refused to tell me who he was but he wanted to know if any Spanish people lived in my apartment.

could this be a robber trying to gain acess?

could this be part of the unconstitutional census questions?

could this be a round-up of legal Spanish people like a round-up of Jews in Nazi Germany?

could this be...well, it could be so many things. The guy refused to say who he was, just kept saying, "We want to talk to Spanish families." Who is "we?" He wouldn't tell me. I told him it's none of his business and to get out. Called the cops and they said they're sending someone to check it out.

Creepy, creepy

Massages For Illegals! said...

This is so inhumane how these undocumented guest workers are treated!

Maybe Bloomberg could raise our taxes to 80% so that we could treat our guest workers with the respect they deserve?

In Darwin, Australia, they give homeless people: free massages, haircuts, seafood, and cappuccinos! Why can't we do that here in New York City?

If my taxes are raised to 80%, and I have to work 3 jobs, that's a small price to pay so that our guest workers are happy!

Massages, seafood, and cappuccinos - items that Americans no longer want!

Joe said...

The Queens Courier should be ashamed at itself for referring to these parasites as “day laborers”

These are CRIMINALS who jumped a fence, broke dozens of laws trespassing in this country. I had these cockroaches out in Mattituck. They stole my Weber kettle, Tomatos and tried to poach my chickens

Round them up and and send them to Sheriff Joe out in the desert

Anonymous said...

Why do you think Bloomberg is raising our taxes on water and real estate all the time? Someone needs to pay for these people. When Mikey dines out, he enjoys all the illegal busboys and waiters catering to him. Slavery is alive and well in New York City. Illegals don't have a vote YET, but when Obama grants amnesty to all of them, of course they will all vote Democratic. That's all the politicians want -- they want job security with free medical and opportunity to line their pockets with developers and lobbyist money. As for us, the middle and lower class Americans, we are only a tool for them to be used at will. Come November, I'm voting everyone I can out of office. I'm starting from scratch. Do you hear me Joe Crowley? I'm starting with you.

Anonymous said...

Thank God we live in a Sanctuary City. When developers can't rent or sell their crappy units in LIC, Bloomberg can move all the illegals in and the city will pay his developer friends rent to house them. What a sweet deal! Wouldn't want those units empty when people could be living in them. It's a win - win situation for them, but not for the Taxpayers.

Joe said...

All the feds need to do is send 1000 troops into Corona park and the surround marshland on a Sunday morning.
Must be thousands of them in there.
You can see them lurking in the tall weeds at night with nightvision.
It looks like video from the Texas border patrol. Despite this huge health and safety issue the cops refuse to acknowledge it.
You can see all the acre's of trash, and stuff floating in the water from the LIRR train

Ms. Tsouris said...

A bunch of very short gentlemen wearing serviceable but old clothes are gathered on the corner of Utopia Parkway and Northern Boulevard by the gas station EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING. Someone must be wanting their "services" (strong backs) to do grunt work somewhere in the area; otherwise, why would they gather specifically in that spot?

linda said...

found an illegal on the streets dead because he froze to death.. well he did have another option, he could of went back to his country!bloomberg offers a one way ticket home. i don't feel sorry for them, they're robbing our country of taxes and get free benefits.. tired of you liberals giving away shit and it's costing THE AMERICAN "PAYING TAXES" CITIZENS.. oh and we have plenty of American construction workers.. let's get after the dumb asses who are robbing the state and city of taxes hiring them. I hope they do pass a bill that require you to have an ID card and they should also add in there, a reward to anyone who rats out the companies who hire illegals. Bet once that passes our schools, housing and taxes will recover!!

Queens College Student said...

Liberals, conservatives, what's the difference? Instead, we should be questioning the validity of the entire system that's in place.

Obama's policies are hardly discernible from Bush's. Whether they bleed us dry with endless wars or socialized medicine, in the end it's the power elite who profit while we the people are left holding the bill.

Joe said...

Bush was a sick brainwashed man who was just a crazy as the Catholic church.
GW made references to Deuteronomy 10: 19 and Leviticus 19:34
Welcome the stranger my ass !!

A good 1/3 of Bush's family in Texas and Florida married fence jumpers.

Anonymous said...

Bend over America! Health care bill just passed.

Anonymous said...

Now that health care has passed, the next order of business will be the immigration issue. Wait for Obama to give amnesty to all the illegals in the country. Now they will be eligible for Obamacare. They will fall into the low income bracket. Guess who will pay the bill? The stupid American taxpayer. Funny how Congress has a different "Special" health care plan that we are not privy to. Oh, we're paying for that too. Their plan is totally free. Time to find a country that all the Americans can invade where we can have control of our money and investments and not have the government controlling it.

Deke DaSilva said...

Best quotes I've read today:

"The U.S. exports democracy, and imports socialism."

Diversity + Proximity = War