Sunday, March 21, 2010

Domino transit dilemma

From the Huffington Post:

It's frustrating to hear elected officials suggest that New York City should put transit expansion projects, like the Second Avenue Subway, on hold because of MTA budget shortfalls. Our trains and buses are already at capacity. Overcrowding during rush hour actually results in fewer trains per hour because of the amount of time it takes for passengers to get on and off the trains.

This overcrowding doesn't just result in slower commutes; it also slows the city's growth.

For example, the proposed New Domino development on the Williamsburg waterfront is facing stiff neighborhood opposition. This is a shame because the project would be 30 percent affordable, would likely bring a new supermarket to the area, would have 150,000 square feet of community space, and four acres of new open space along the waterfront.

The project does have its problems, though. With 1,700 new off-street parking spaces, the New Domino development would increase the rate of car ownership in the city when the city should be actively trying to reduce the rate of car ownership. And with only 450 bicycle parking spaces, the development falls 1,200 spaces short of achieving the city's new minimum bicycle parking requirements.

Another concern is the impact the development would have on the area's transit infrastructure. The 6,700 new residents that the development would be expected to bring to the area by 2020 would likely overwhelm the area's buses and trains. Some buses would see twice as many passengers during the morning and evening rush. The city estimates that the L and J/M/Z trains would get 1,120 new riders in the morning and 1,350 new riders in the evening.

These numbers are just estimates. But as anyone who rides the L train in the morning can attest, it is difficult to see how these new riders can be absorbed at the current levels of service. And when you consider the other 4,000 new residential units planned for the neighborhood, the prospects for an even remotely comfortable transit commute are not good.

Hmmm. So subway overcrowding happens in Williamsburg but, as out realtor trolls vehemently attest, not in Long Island City. Glad this article came out to set the record straight. Also, I doubt that putting in 1200 additional bike parking spaces is going to make 1200 people who bike buy condos or rent there or make 1200 people give up their cars and bike to and from work. It doesn't work that way. We won't even touch the "affordable housing" or "supermarket" promises...


Zero Population Growth said...

Come on people - this is not rocket science, and your response to this development is so lame it certainly explains why the elected have barely disguised contempt for you.

DEMAND that city services get up to speed BEFORE there is any development.

DEMAND that they explain why a million people is good when they can't take care of people that are here.

DEMAND an accounting of infrastucture costs be made before a shovel is put into the ground, AND WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT!

Anonymous said...

This city focuses on the wrong kind of growth. The city spends millions of dollars in tax incentives, land acquisition etc, when it should just build out the infrastructure. Interestingly, when there's a new clean subway line nearby the developers will come on their own. No need to spend my tax money on corporate welfare. Spending city/state money on stupid development projects doesn't help anyone but the developer, building a new subway, etc would.

Queens Crapper said...

Exactly! Think of that famous photo that showed the newly built 7 line cutting through Sunnyside when it was empty. 10 years later it was built up.

Anonymous said...

Please...that project at Domino will not include "affordable" homes. Developers always promise to include "affordable" apartments in their building plans but everything is luxury this and luxury that.

Under the mayor's administration, the motto is "build, baby, build." No thought or planning goes into new development here in the city.

Anonymous said...

Impeach Bloomberg NOW.

Simple solution to ALL of New York's problems.

Anonymous said...

YOU are the cause of the problem YES YOU

because YOU want to work 9-5 M-F If YOU wanted to work night holidays and weekends you would never have problem getting a seat..

That is the real answer to the problem is we need 1000 business like Bloomberg whose employees work 24/7/365

Ridgewoodian said...

I hope Crappers will support expanding the transit system. There are interesting proposals from the well regarded Regional Plan Association HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Snake Plissskin said...

I hope Crappers will support expanding the transit system.

I hope Ridgewoodian would support expanding the system for the people that are here alreay here, you know, those actually paying the metrocards, as opposed to expanding it to accomodate more development.

Having people move into my community does absolutely nothing for me, but makes my quality of life decline.

Ridgewoodian said...

I hope that Snake Plissskin would realize that unless we intentionally make this city unattractive and unlivable - which would hurt no one but ourselves - or institute Soviet-style residence restrictions, or build a wall much like the one in a movie I'm sure he's seen a few times, people are going to keep on coming here because this is where people want to be. I'd rather be here than Detroit. Knowing that, it seems only common sense that we should plan for it. The RPA proposals seem a good place to start.

That being said, of course built up areas with populations that are underserved by transit should get more transit. Once again, I hope all the Crappers support that simple idea.