Sunday, March 21, 2010

MTA announces budget cut revisions

From NBC 4:

Student Metrocards, which sparked protest when put on the chopping block months ago, have been given a stay of execution -- the MTA will not consider striking the free passes out of the budget until the State and City are allowed to weigh in on the subject later in the spring.

Other cuts, such as Z train service, and the Bx18 bus route, have been spared.

And from NY1:

In Queens, service will be partially restored on the Q14 and Q42 buses.


Ridgewoodian said...

Cutting the Z was proposed last summer, during the intitial transit emergency. After Albany supposedly acted to close the funding gap it was taken off the table. When it became evident that Albany's fix hadn't worked the idea wasn't re-proposed. Instead, the intended savings were to be realized by cutting the M in southern Brooklyn and combining it with the V. So, some sloppy reporting from NBC.

Queens Crapper said...

Get ready for some massive overcrowding since the M trains have to be shortened to accommodate the shorter platforms on the V line.

Anonymous said...

It's the other way around, Crapper. The M line platforms have shorter platforms than those used by the current V line.

Queens Crapper said...

You're right. My bad.

Ridgewoodian said...
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Ridgewoodian said...

The problem isn't going to be along Queens Boulevard - the V has never been particularly popular and has never run at capacity, so shortening it by two car lengths isn't going to lead to massive overcrowding. The problem I forsee is along the current M in Brooklyn and Queens. When people realize that they'll have an easy ride to midtown Manhattan I think it'll become VERY popular. At present there are no plans to decrease M rush hour headways from the current 10 minutes. Hopefully, that'll change in the near future.