Monday, March 8, 2010

Gary concerned about lobbyists

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Anonymous said...

Hey Gary---How are your Zises buddies doing?

Anonymous said...

Typical. So the corporations disclose campaign donations?

Then what?

It took a generation to get shareholder action on South Africa, slave labor, etc.

Anonymous said...

we don't care about your bill. we want you to vote against the 2300 page so-called obama care democrat bill.
we no longer can afford to pay for it.
cutting $ 500 billion in senior citizen medicare benefits is a crime. giving city and state union employees special deals is unconstitutional and unfair to the rest of the American citizens .

you will be held accountable in the next election.

help find jobs for the 9.7% -20% n.y.c. unemployed.
that is your first priority. get going fast.

Anonymous said...

did you not exclude the TRIAL LAWYERS AND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES UNIONS from your bill?

your "boy" C.M.candidate Kim,was financed by 99% of donations outside the council district. where is your bill against this?