Monday, March 8, 2010

Another fake charity set up by a pol

From the NY Post:

Queens Assemblywoman Barbara Clark has steered hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to a charity she helped found, which spends a large portion of the money on rent, salaries, office expenses and tax penalties while operating as a vague "referral center."

The Community Care Development Project, which has taken in more than $1.9 million in city and state money since 1996, is supposed to help residents "avoid the bureaucratic obstacles which prevent them receiving immediate services."

That's the same help constituents can get at Clark's district office -- located only three doors down from the charity on Springfield Boulevard in Queens Village.

The lone employee at the referral center last week sent a reporter seeking help in finding a nursing home for a family member to Clark's office, saying the group did not provide that service.

Community Care acts as an intermediary in handing out taxpayer money to groups including the New York Junior Tennis League and Kickers Youth Sports Association as well as public schools, churches and Little Leagues.

Clark sponsored at least $481,500 in member-item money to Community Care from 2006 to 2009, with $209,500 going out to other organizations. The rest was used for salaries and office expenses.


stinky said...

These POLs should be indicted! Why is it black POL specialize in setting up charities and Churches to scam their own constituents? They are robbing their own - it's horrible for those who got sucked in to see their donation pay for the Pol's family Mercedes Benz.

Cherokeesista said...

Shhhh you don't want to be called a Racist!!!! So I'll say it:) Piece of shit:) Just a thief in the night:)

Detective McNutty said...

It isn't just black politicians who have this relationship with charities. What is disturbing though is the coverage of corrupt politicians? Specifically why aren't Vallone and Quinn being exposed by the media. There is no difference between a made up fictitious "referral center" and Vallone's relationship with Hanac /Boy's Girls club. I guess corruption is okay if the money goes into legit organizations.

Maybe this Barbara Clark will be punished for her corruption but she is small potatoes compared to Quinn and Vallone.

Anonymous said...

No State or City member items should be disbursed through the use of funding conduits. All groups receiving funds should be provably tax exempt, and should apply and manage their own grants. It's way to easy for any Tom, Dick, or Harry group to put their hands out to get public funds these days with little transparency or accountability for the groups.

Anonymous said...

"I guess corruption is okay if the money goes into legit organizations."

It's not OK, just not as abvious and ahrder to prove. The other stuff is so obviously a sham she has to be indicted. She's too stupid to hold office. Vallone is smater than that. But don't worry, sooner or later they all go down.

Anonymous said...

No surprise. Christineturd's City Council slush fund powers all of these people. I suppose it's meant as "appeasement " or "reparations" money that these kind feel they're entitled to, but either way it's our tax money, being pissed down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Why do either the state or local governments need to fund ANY charities? Government should focus on educating children, law & order, and fixing the city and states infrastructure which is in a woeful state of disrepair. Lastly, they should also cut back on medicaid/medicare which is consuming an ever larger proportion of the state and cities budget.
If these charities are actually worthy causes, then people will donate, OR if the politico feels so strongly about the cause (s)he can use some of their proven fund raising ability to raise money for the charity.

Queens Crapper said...

Agree completely. These charities have become tweeding vessels.

Time to withdraw all the money. The good ones will survive.

Auntie Invasion said...

Question should be: How do I get on the gravy train?

Anonymous said...

What a Pig!

Anonymous said...

your statement "cutting back on medicare/medicaid",
should be corrected to" cut the waste and corruption from medicare/medicaid".

this government policy was not a voluntary one . too many citizens are beholden to this benefit that they paid taxes and wage contributions for.

too many non-citizens are scamming the medicaid system,eg.illegal aliens and their children.etc.etc.etc.

Anonymous said...

The charities funnel back money to the pols.The classic kickback