Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Woman pistol-whipped and robbed in her home

From the Queens Chronicle:

Yellow caution tape separated a modest-sized home with a finely manicured lawn from the others on a quiet street in Cambria Heights on Monday, while officers from the NYPD’s Crime Scene Unit walked around the property gathering evidence.

Less than 24 hours earlier, Mathilda Theodore, 58, had been brutally beaten and robbed at gunpoint, inside her home at 115-75 231 St., where she has lived for the last 19 years.

At what her daughter speculated was 7:30 p.m. on Sunday evening, Theodore was taking her garbage out to the curb, when two armed men wearing black ski masks approached her and told her to “show them where the cash was,” according to her daughter.

Theodore took them to her bedroom where they searched through her jewelry and snatched up several boxes.

Theodore hoped the commotion would alert her tenant and prompt her to call for help, but she wasn’t home. The assailants broke down the door and as they were trying to disconnect a flat screen television that was affixed to a wall, Theodore tried to get away, but didn’t make it very far.

“She tried to run up the stairs and they grabbed her by the hair and hit her in the head several times with a gun,” Sainah said. “She had blood in her eyes so she couldn’t see too well, but she heard them say, ‘Let’s go, let’s go,’ and they ran out the door.”

Theodore was taken to North Shore-Long Island Jewish Hospital in Manhasset, where eight staples were required to close the laceration on her forehead. She was released and is recovering at home, but her daughter says she is in a lot of pain.


Anonymous said...

A friend married to an airlines employee once kept a chemical that is used for repairing leaks in hydraulic lines.

When a thief invaded her home she used the extremely painful chemical to temporarily blind him.

Time to defend our homes.

georgetheatheist said...

At 58, young enough to wield a pistol. www.nra.org.

Anonymous said...

Cambria Heights (Queens, New York) ZIP Code 11411

Population (2000)
Density 21,282

White 2.9%
Black 91.7%
Hispanic 4.1%
Asian 0.4%
Other 1.1%

Anonymous said...

Its only going to get worse as deep winter nears and people go desperate
You now need to have a gun or 2 hidden about the house.
Look at the home invasion stats in Florida and Texas where 95% of the population have them.
Crook think in them states.

Cambria Heights is a real sh*thole like Harlem or the S Bronx in the 70's

Anonymous said...

Agreed George. All law abiding people and children old enough should have firearm training.
Its getting to crazy out there and the cops spread so thin. They get assigned to protect special interest or can only show 1-2 after the fact hours like in Ridgewood.
Better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6 to a hole.

Its best to kill these creeps in your house "castle Dostrin"
If you pepper spray or hurt them in hand to hand combat they come back with a hungry pro-bono lawyer and sue you.
There is no more justace system in this country, its become a legal system of BS liberal rights and laws.
Rob & beat a 58 year old woman In China and the judges call the TV people have you shot outside.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this blog is beloved by gun nuts...
A lot of people own guns in Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana and Alaska... they have higher homicide rate than New York State.
Just a coincidence I suppose.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, outside of NYC, most people in NYS own guns.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact the gun ownership rate in NYS is much lower than other states such as Arizona, Alaska, Florida, Louisiana.
They have higher homicide rate than NYS.
Just a coincidence I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Gun ownership by state

Number of homicides by state

1/2 of people in North Dakota own guns, yet they have the lowest homicide stats.

Queens Crapper said...

There really is no point in what we do to criminalize guns in this city and discourage people from owning them for self defense. The criminals are going to get them whether you have one or not. So you'd best make the odds even.

Anonymous said...

Arizona, Alaska, Florida, Louisiana have more of a criminal element, that's why their stats are higher.

Anonymous said...

You're right!
We don't need to close the gun show loophole!
Even criminals and psychopatics have a second amendment right!
We should allow criminals and psychopatics to get all the guns they need!
The bigger they need!
The most powerful they need!
Let's unleashed the wild west!

P.S. just a coincidence that western europe (with stricter gun laws) have a lower homicide rate.
Just a coincidence I suppose!

Anonymous said...

No one said that "loopholes" for screening shouldn't be closed. You're stretching now.

And Western European countries don't have "inner city" populations where crime is glorified.

Anonymous said...

Crappy has it nailed
The criminals will have guns no matter what. They don't obey the law
Interesting thing is most criminals, MS-13 are not trained to use them, wont go near a firing range

Its a fact the cops are never around when you need them.
An even playing field plus training WILL make a huge difference in saving your life.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,
have you ever lived in Europe?
I used to live in Europe.
There are several bad areas everywhere where local people glorify violence.
The outskirts of italian cities are scaring.
Paris has several horrible housing projects.
Despite these problems, violence is lower than in the USA.
I am still surprised that ANY gun nuts has NEVER told me why the western europe homicide rate is lower.
I am still waiting.

Anonymous said...

The outskirts of italian cities are scaring.
Paris has several horrible housing projects.

"Several" does not equal the vast number of projects we have here in NYC, not tio mention the ghettos they are located in. And "the outskirts" of our borough is Far Rockaway. I'd take my chances in Italy before Far Rockaway any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact, the outskirts of Rome is an endless urban sprawl of commieblocks and housing projects.
Have you ever been there?
I don't think so.
I am pretty sure that you visited just the historical district.
In Rome and Naples I saw several blighted places.
BY FAR more horrible and blighted than Far Rockaway.

Anonymous said...

And you're going to postulate that criminals there don't use guns because guns are illegal? That's funny. It's the country where the mafia comes from, for Christ sakes!

-Joe said...

Ill tell you why !
I been there as a former musician, the UK as well London as well

In the outskirts of Italian, French, Danish, the UK the government gives the asswipes food, healthcare and free dope to stay high and not cause trouble.

“A Ticket to Ride" projects like the Beatles song.
F_ swine socialists!!
The same Socialist shit O'bama and his Dems are working on behind closed doors to stick up our ass !
Massive civil unrest is coming you can bet on it.

Some of you people need to move back to Europe and quit pushing this shit here

Anonymous said...

Violence happens in Western Europe.
But it has a low homicide rate.
Lower than USA's one.
That is a fact.
Even Italy has a low homicide rate (1,5 homicides per 100.000 people).
The vast majority of Western European people doesn't live in the culture of fear that NRA is promoting in the USA.
Fortunately NYC people are smarter than the americans of redneck states: there are less guns here.
That's why the homicide rate is reasonable and is still going down.
As in New Orleans. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Actually, not that I am a wild gun nut, but in Ireland nearly every farmer owns a shotgun but murders are almost non-existent.