Saturday, December 19, 2009

Woman defrauded illegal aliens

From Fox 5:

A woman accused of swindling more than $200,000 from hard-working immigrants in New York is headed into the Fox 5 Hall of Shame.

Arnold Diaz reports that Clover Perez posed as an attorney to gain their trust. He tracked down Perez, a convicted felon, who is now facing new charges by the federal government and the state attorney general related to allegedly defrauding immigrants desperate to obtain green cards.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how these illegals are hired for work without green cards. damn, it wrong.

Anonymous said...

Go to jail, go to jail go to jail, jail, jail.

Taxpayer said...

If they had stayed in whatever country conceders them as legal, natural citizens, they would never have been defrauded.

They came here to defraud us. They got defrauded in their effort to defraud US citizens out of jobs.

That's defrauding the US citizens' children out of food, clothing, shelter and a decent education.

Screw 'em!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Clover Perez. Someone has to swindle these swindlers.

Death to all the Italian, Korean, Greek etc... restaurants who hire illegals for cheap labor.

Anonymous said...

"You can't cheat(Swindle) an honest man"

Anonymous said...

The illegals were looking for a "shortcut" to getting a greencard and they got what they deserved. Anyone who thinks he can cheat the system, deserves to be cheated!

Anonymous said...

Employers should be given incentive to verify if their employees are authorized to work. (IMHO: Hiring illegals in restaurants is partly cause for the ridiculous tipping custom in America. Hire legal labor and pay them a legal living wage!)

Lino said...

Long suffering "taxpayer" said:

"They came here to defraud us. They got defrauded in their effort to defraud US citizens out of jobs.
That's defrauding the US citizens' children out of food, clothing, shelter and a decent education.

Screw 'em!"

Do you want to wash dishes, deliver food, mop floors, bus tables.
Our group has 26 restaurants, other than wait staff. rarely (only in last 6 months) have we gotten any interest in these jobs from Americans.

Our places are -not- dumps or greasy spoons. the service areas are professionally designed and well lit and pleasant environment. We have tried to entice American kids to take these jobs to the point of promising them prime wait shifts in return for taking a shift or two per week of grunt work --near zero interest.

Sure, if we paid them 30K/yr to shove racks of dishes into the Jackson/Alco machines we might get some interest...but then your meal would either have to cost -a lot- more or we'd got out of business.

It is not our restaurant workers lining up outside those home improvement stores, its people waiting to shovel the crap out of your shitty basement and fix your tacky kitchen cabinets etc.

Maybe if all you Great Americans (you've heard that phrase before haven't you) would offer more money for your shit work around the house those lines of day laborers would go away.

Stop being hypocritical and grandstanding about this issue, if you want the work done and you aren't willing to pay a lot, migrant labor is the choice.


Queens Crapper said...

Actually, I personally know quite a few American kids who put themselves through school doing those types of jobs. You may be advertising in the wrong place.

Anonymous said...

She should be thrown in jail along with her clients who are breaking the law.

Lino said...

"Actually, I personally know quite a few American kids who put themselves through school doing those types of jobs."

Well I have not seen American kids, even sons of owners, at any job other than cashier/wait staff since at least 1996-7.

We had the misfortune to open a new store 3 months after 9-11, I thought it would be a good idea to keep the staff as American as possible -that was when I came up with the idea of offering prime shifts in return for doing a shift or two/wk of grunt work.

Bottom line; we had to raid and beg staff from our other locations on opening week, put some on doubles and I had to run the dishwashing machine several times.

A lot of American kids see such work as mopping and sweating in kitchens as beneath them and feel stigmatized if their friends would see them delivering food in their neighborhood. Waiting tables seems OK though.

I go to a lot of restaurants beside our own and find the the only white Americans working behind the scenes are either owners and their families or (highly paid)Chefs.

Anonymous said...

Low income people will also do this work if it pays the rent.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says...

You own 26 restuarants and can't pay employees a living wage. Get a grip your just greedy. Maybe you should pay them a living wage becuase its the right thing to do,
pay a low wage because you can get away with it.

Taxpayer said...

What this nation requires is a Universal Greasy Spoon Food Outlet plan that will include a government run greasy spoon outfit that will pay high wages, charge low prices, hire US Citizens only, provide each employee a universal health care plan and free education up to the postgraduate level for each employee and all members of his/her family and extended relatives.

Food vendors will be paid the prevailing rates, every food item will be inspected for purity - no trans-fats, no fat globules, no sugar, no offensive taste. All ethnicities will be satisfied.

Since the long history of greasy spoon outlets in the US has been an exhibition of lazy, greedy owners who prefer to hire low wage illegal aliens in preference to willing US Citizens, all greasy spoon owners will be taxed at the rate of 150% of profits and personal tax rates will be a gentle 99%.

Tax proceeds will be used to pay the government regulators who will be needed to see that this plan works.

All this is just the start. This is a liberal, US Citizen loving plan (although illegal aliens will be the beneficiaries, the US Citizens will be cheered that their taxes will be used to make it all happen).

Anonymous said...

Hey, illegals defraud us taxpayers on a daily basis. This woman defrauded them. What goes around comes around. Sorry, I can't feel bad for them. You reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the over $250,00. that Clover Perez stole from the illegals, she has not paid the government tax. Neither the illegals or Clover Perez is right, but she's worse. She's a parasite feeding off of the misfortunes of others. And this is her living. At least the illegals are working hard for their money.

Anonymous said...

Clover Perez Should go to Jail. Then get deported back to her country where she came from. Shes a theif and should be prosecuted like one.

Anonymous said...

She deserves to put in jail.

Anonymous said...

Well they found Clover Guilty of all charges for the second time in 9yrs. She faces up to 67yrs. She needs to get deported back to her country (Jamaica).