Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tire thieves caught

From the Queens Courier:

Cops in the 111th Precinct have the feeling they may have nabbed a gang that’s been on a wheel stealing spree, stripping cars of their expensive tires and rims and leaving them on blocks around the precinct – because their driver rolled through a stop sign.

Just before 3 a.m. on Monday, November 16, cops spotted a van with Arizona license plates slowly cruising Douglaston Hill, a secluded section of the upscale neighborhood.

The van rolled through a stop sign at 243rd Street and 43rd Avenue, headed south. Cops pulled the van over after following it to Northern Boulevard and 244th Street, a distance of about three blocks.

In addition to the driver, they found eight tires on eight rims, a large jack, several lug wrenches, a supply of cement blocks . . . and four other youths. After a canvass of the area just left by the van, two cars were found – minus their wheels – up on cement blocks.

Arrested were: Wayne Joseph, 17, of 187-02 Pineville Lane in Springfield Gardens; Brendant Clarke, 17, of 140-35 Burden Crescent in Briarwood; Heriberto Rosado, 21, of 139-46 86th Avenue in Briarwood; Joseph Nuñez, 17, also of 139-46 86th Avenue in Briarwood, and Jonathan Sosa, 18, of 89-07 169th Street in Jamaica.

The youths were initially charged with multiple felonies including grand larceny, auto stripping, criminal mischief and possession of stolen property, among others.

– Victor G. Mimoni


Anonymous said...

Great job!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine on Caldwell Avenue just had his BMW broken into.
They smashed the windshield and stole his limited edition leather seats (yes, really).
The insurance company gave him $3,500. The seats (limited edition) were worth $14,000.
The point is that there must be a serious chop shop that has opened in Queens or border Brooklyn.
The cops should find it and shut it down.

Anonymous said...

Imagine how long they could have continued if they could drive worth a damn.

Anonymous said...

All black and latino judging by the names and addresses

georgetheatheist said...

Faith and begorrah! Joseph, Clarke, Rosado, Nunez, Sosa. Lads descendant from the Old Sod itself!

Anonymous said...

2 Black males, 3 Dominicans

illegal aliens?
I hear that Dominicans are being deported for doing crimes but don't see any evidence of the invasion ending anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

at least they had the decency to leave the car on bricks there was a string of wheel thefts around east flushing a mid fall the thieves just left the cars on the chassis

hope they get at least a year for this crap

Anonymous said...

Ya know if black people ever wanted to eliminate racism in America all they would have to do is commit crimes at the same rate as white people.

crime would drop so much we could lay off 100,000 police officers because there would be no work for them to do.

2 Black males, 3 Dominicans

Anonymous said... live in NY and you think whites don't commit any crimes. PS Briarwood is about 70% Russian Jew (ignorant idiots)

Anonymous said...

I issue a challenge to Jesse and Al:

make Gary In, Camden , Newark, Compton, Detroit the safest cities to live in

Now how would you do it?

you live in NY and you think whites don't commit any crimes

Anonymous said...

Everyone I know from Bayside brags about how they come from such a great community where no crime happens.. blah blah blah.. 111 (and 107) have the highest auto theft in the city.

Good job 111!

I don't feel for anyone who had their rims stolen. Listen to the Crime Prevention officer letters that are always being handed out.. rim locks. Thats all it takes. But snobby ignorant Baysiders live in a good area... they don't need rim locks.. azzholes

Yes.. I'm mad

Klink Cannoli said...

...mad as a hatter.

DChen said...

Yestaurday at 4:30am, my friend gave me call. he just got his Acura tires stolen in Flushing along 134th street and booth memorial. The cops havent done anything in the regards and ANY information about these punks is welcomed.

Anonymous said...

To the jackass who says he feels no pity for the snobby baysiders being too lazy to get rim locks in their safe neighborhood.

I hate to break this one too ya but RIM locks DONT WORK!! Most auto manufacturers use the safe brand of rim locks and guess what that company will sell a master key to anyone who sends a check. And besides the fact that you don't need the key all you need is a metric socket that barely fits over the rim lock you wedge it on there and spin em right off. I learned that when I bought a use car and the owner couldn't find the key.

My friends dad had a brand new accord coupe with rim locks woke up to it sitting on the chassis barefoot window busted ipod stolen back in August. My neighbor in Bayside woke up with his g35 sedan jacked up in the rear no rims, the front sitting on the street no rims Again he had wheel locks.

It seems that now these punks are having fun steeling full sized spares from Jeep wranglers and Toyota Rav4's lately. They took mine from my wrangler two weeks ago (All three lugs that hold it on the back of the jeep had locks)

SO to the f'ing douche bag who thinks his wheels are safe at night with the trusty wheel locks on. I hope you wake up one morning like I did on your way to work only to find that some p'$$ee who is too lazy to get a job to feed his 15 ilegitimate kids vandalized and stole your property that you worked hard to buy. And by the way jacka$$ baysiders have always known that they are more prone to most neighborhoods for car thieft because we are just a quick ride over to the bronx. Bayside is and always has been a car thiefs dream. And in the 30 years that I have lived here first in my parents home now in my own home with my family that I earned the hard way I have NEVER heard anyone say "they don't steal cars here"

Just cuz your in your late thirties living in your moms basement driving a 1992 chevy cavalier don't take your anger out on people that actually tried an succeeded to do something with their lives.

Anonymous said...

I know this post is old but the stealing has continued in Douglaston on Doug Pkwy. In the last month alone there has been at least 3 burglarized vehicles missing rims and other parts. It looks to happen a little past 70th street on Douglaston Pkwy. Time I have figured is after 2am but before 5am. They are getting very brave, stealing everything from the rims to the steering wheel, to the center gauge cluster out of their most recent theft.