Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poisoned pen attacks Ackerman

From the Times Ledger:

An open letter to U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman:

How dare you. You refused to respond to my letter dated Sept. 4 and my phone call to your office prior to the House of Representatives voting on the health reform bill — totally disregarding my asking of you, as your constituent, to vote the contrary.

This is not the first time you have insulted me. The first time was when you were actively involved in your Queens weekly newspaper and I was a volunteer doing the publicity for the county chapter of the Allergy Foundation of America.

I called to ask why your newspaper was the only local paper that would not accept, as a public service, our announcement that an allergy specialist —a medical doctor — would be addressing the public at Booth Memorial Hospital, now New York Hospital Queens, and would answer any questions regarding asthma.

Your answer was simple and to the point: “Do you know that I am running for office? What are you doing for me?”

I immediately threw the phone down. I cannot forget that harsh statement.

Wow! More like this, please.


Anonymous said...

To the letter writer-
I see the problem here. You aren't one of the Trib whores therefore you are a persona non grata.
A Friend

I. M. Curious said...

Does anyone know what happened to that ethics investigation about Ackerman that was posted here a while back? Please fill us in on the progress. Thanx.

Anonymous said...

As a constituent I find Ackerman and his staff useless. I've called a few times regarding different issues and was told I'd hear from the Congressman shortly. Six months later, to me, is not shortly. His staff leaves a lot to be desired. He's more interested in going to Israel than listening, helping and caring for his constituents. His constituents are the ones who vote him in and he craps all over them. He hasn't had my vote in many years and that's what I will continue to do. There must be someone out there who can do a better job. Please step forward don't be shy.

Snake Plissskin said...

Guys! guys! guys!

This is a one party state. There is nothing you can do about this.

The newspapers are in their pocket.

Clueless seniors, who make a outsized part of the voting bloc, with a bit of ice cream money will be happy to pose with the nice man (remember Vallone, the American flag, and a gaggle of seniors in the local paper a week before election).

Union rank and file will be too happy to let their shop steward do their thinking for them.

Civic leaders who handle issues without expressing an opinion on the problem, but ask for the reaction of their elected official before taking a stand.

A growing segement of new Americans that do not vote, or do not care about the community, or are tweeded by the hacks.


Developers money that can swamp campaign donations from the public.

Those seeking honest graft.

(pause to catch breath)

You can only catch their attention if you show up with a van of the clueless ready to vote as you suggest, or if you want to put up a 20 story building.

Alan Gross said...

"I. M. Curious said...
Does anyone know what happened to that ethics investigation about Ackerman that was posted here a while back? Please fill us in on the progress. Thanx."

Thank you for asking. As of today, I haven't heard from Mr. Skaggs from the Ethics Committee. Also, I haven't gotten a reply from Pelosi or Boehner. What a croc! These corrupt and dysfunctional government bodies that are supposed to serve us are getting away with all sorts of crimes and abuses. How do we get it to stop when the wolf is guarding the hen house?

However, since you asked...the person I did receive a response from was Gary Ackerman himself! That's right. As Mr. Zimmerman found out, Ackerman's responses to his constituents are full of crap!!! I think all of you will find my reply to be strong and to the point.

The Crapster will be posting the exchange shortly, along with an article written exclusively for this website. I wrote this journalistic piece based upon the comments written on the Crapster's blog regarding the controversy involving the 19th City Council District election. I am in the final edit process and will submit the material to the Crapster shortly. Please stand by!

georgetheatheist said...

This site is soooo educational and soooo exciting!

Alan Gross said...

"georgetheatheist said...
This site is soooo educational and soooo exciting!"

See George, you do believe! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Repent Now Sinners!

would love to know exactly how Gary Ackerman got the million air guru, Sri Chinmoy, buried in his personal tennis court on Normal Road and 164th Street.

was the sri providing submissive Gopis for Gary?
or is it the sri's personal ball boys Ackerman is interested in ?

Anonymous said...

Did Ackerman hold a public meeting on the health care bill? Most of the representatives met with their constituents on their breaks. I think that he only cares when he needs their votes and depends on a dumbed down population to maintain his position.

Insta Gator said...

A lot of attention is being paid to Cong. Ackerman lately. A lot of it stems from the Queens Tribune attacks on Dan Halloran. I wonder how the friendship of Ackerman and Schenkler is doing these days?

Nussy said...

What about me? Am I chopped liver?

Gary Fan...NOT!!! said...

Anonymous said...

Ackerman's staff does stink.

H-m-m-m and Kevin Dukun Kim was one of Gary's boys.

Imagine the brush off that non Asian constituents in the 19th city council district would have received from the Dukun had he been elected.

If it hasn't to do with getting money or sex our Congressman just isn't interested in your concerns.

Uh...we're not supposed to do for you Gary! You're supposed to be doing for us!

Dump Ackerman
our non-representative!

Anonymous said...

Uh...we're not supposed to do for you Gary! You're supposed to be doing for us!
Are you a mind reader? My thoughts precisely!

Liman said...

Congressman Fauntleroy, I mean Ackerman, is as arrogant as they come. There is one remedy. It can be applied the first Tuesday of next November.

Sergey Kadinsky said...

I've called Ackerman's office a few times in the past year, asking about why he voted yea or nay on a such-and-such bill. I never got any answers from him.

In contrast, (and I know Crappy hates her), Toby Stavisky usually returns calls and responds to letters. Every event I've seen her attend, she stays until the end.

Ackerman takes voters for granted.

Anonymous said...

What's all the fuss? Ackerman is the best congressman that money can buy.

Anonymous said...

Isn't he the fat coward who did a george costanza during the shooting by a crazed gook in 1994 on Queens Blvd?

"Indider" said...

I hear that the feds are already on Ackerman's trail thanks to some recent Brian Mc Laughlin "singing"!

"Insider" said...