Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Test out new voting machines tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Can we vote Bloomberg out while we're at it?

Anonymous said...

Oh great, More machines running of Windows NT Platform like the MTA and LIRR
Not many people over 60 will be able to use these.

Anonymous said...

they wouldn't dare go through their lists and clean them OUT of the dead,felons,those that moved,etc-would they ?
or return to ONE DAY only/no absentee ballots except for military

Bayside Boy said...

anon #3. are you stupid? Absentee ballots provide a service to people who want to remain active in politics but may have pressing obligations outside the city. Democracy is about getting more people involved not less. In any case absentee ballots only apply to people who would be outside the 5 boroughs on election day. So if someone has to travel on business or for personal reasons they can remain active.

Lino said...

" Anonymous said...
...or return to ONE DAY only/no absentee ballots except for military

Hey a-hole, I was on the other side of the earth (Thailand) during the '06 election..but am a lifelong NY'er and pay taxes here.

I have the right to it or not.


The big issue for me concerning these machines is whether they have been properly designed to be "Nixon proof" - that is, can we be assured that they will give a fair count and not have their software corrupted.

These events should be held at more of the regular voting points and not at places where you may have to show ID and are out of the way for most citizens.

Anonymous said...

Like Ceasar's wife they don't just have to be above-reproach, but appear to be above reproach too. We could have replaced our rusty voting machine ages ago, but no one trusted their fancy, would-be replacements.

I admit to a fondness for machines that are literally secured with plastic ziplocks and numbered locks. You can see whether someone put their cotton-picking hands on them.