Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Store owners hate Quinn (just like the rest of us)

From the Daily News:

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is not exactly popular these days among small business owners in New York.

The merchants made this clear on Friday when hundreds of them, mostly Dominican bodega owners, placed "Christine Quinn is not welcome here" posters in their upper Manhattan store windows.

Their purpose was to protest what they consider the Speaker's unwavering defense of the billionaire real estate industry at the expense of the city's small businesses, said Steve Null, director of the Coalition to Save Small Businesses.

"Speaker Quinn is protecting the profits of greedy 'fat cat' speculators over the hard working investments of the immigrant small business owners," the poster reads. "(She) used the power of her office and has blocked all meaningful and common sense reform to save our small businesses. She turned her back on the neighborhoods and allowed greedy landlords to rent gouge thousands of hard working neighborhood small stores out of business."


Anonymous said...

How can we get a copies of the "Christine Quinn is not welcome here" poster? Available anywhere?

Anonymous said...

I was going to ask the same. I want one too. Also a Monserrate not welcome as well.

linda said...

i wouldn't want that ugly face on my property! if i had to look at that everyday i would be sick..

Anonymous said...

Her constituents have a 'Dump Quinn' pdf for download at OK, the election is over, but it still expresses the sentiment.