Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rockaway beaches being claimed by the sea

From the Daily News:

Beach erosion is a persistent problem in oceanfront communities, but recent storms have taken an unusually large bite out of the South Shore of Long Island, including the Rockaways.

A wave of November storms battered the shoreline, removing tons of sand from Far Rockaway to Breezy Point, with the surfers' beach at Beach 90th St. taking the brunt of them .

The remnants of Tropical Depression Ida and other storms created a week-long frenzy in the Northeast, with high tides coming dangerously close to houses and major roads.

Beach 90th St., immediately west of the last rock jetty for several miles, is a notoriously short beach.

The storms have removed so much sand that the high-tide line is close to the Boardwalk.

Jagged wooden jetties are now even more exposed than before and an entrance ramp on Beach 90th St. to the beach is now more than two feet from the sand due to the recent erosion.

Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand recently asked Gov. Paterson to make a federal disaster declaration for Long Island beaches affected by the storms.

The declaration would clear the way for the state to get federal money to replenish the beaches.


Anonymous said...

Beach 90th has always seen the water line come up to the boardwalk. The thing about replenishment is that it is temporary. It is fighting the forces of Mother nature and homeowners and residents on shorelines everywhere can tell you the same even though it not what they want or want to hear of.

Anonymous said...

It's Cyclical, and we're unwilling to acknowledge or let the cycles happen, the same with "Global Warming" AKA "Climate Change".

Anonymous said...

God is telling us he wants the Rockaways -- the entire peninsula -- to be reclaimed by the ocean.