Wednesday, December 9, 2009

But they can pass standardized tests...

More play catch-up at CUNY

Nearly 74 percent of city public high-school graduates who enroll in CUNY community colleges are required to take remedial classes in math, reading or writing, according to new data.

After an initial drop in public high-school grads needing to brush up on the basics before college -- from 81.9 percent in 2002 to 74.3 percent in 2006 -- the numbers have stagnated in recent years.

This year, 8,758 city public high-school graduates -- of the 11,879 who enrolled at CUNY two-year schools -- needed remedial help.

Since 2006, those needing math remediation at CUNY climbed 5 percentage points, to 58.3 percent of the public high-school graduates who enrolled.

The percentage of high-school grads needing writing refreshers dropped 6 percentage points since 2006, to 47.5 percent.


Anonymous said...

wow we wow, i did not see CHUCK SHUMAR reporting these facts on Sunday night tv,this week.

does his wife,the former D.O.T. commissioner, now positioned at C.U.N.Y. have responsibility to tell us about this scandal in n.y.c. education failure ?

Anonymous said...

This doesn't tell the whole story. You can't conclude anything from this unless you know how many students from city schools enrolled in CUNY colleges in 2002. If more public school kids are going to better schools and the numbers who wind up going to CUNY drop, then that would be a positive, and would likely result in a higher percentage of the ones that go to CUNY needing remediation. We need all the facts.

Of course, Crapper has no problem jumping to conclusions without facts if it fits the story he wants.

Queens Crapper said...

"Of first-time freshmen, 37 percent are born outside the U.S. mainland and nearly 70 percent attended New York City public high schools." - CUNY's website.

I'll follow that up with a DOE press release that says "Increase in Number of NYC High School Students Enrolling at CUNY Colleges."

I think that about sums it up.

Anonymous said...

The numbers in the article refer only to CUNY community colleges, not all CUNY colleges.

Seldom right and wrong again Crapper . . .

Queens Crapper said...

You asked for how many were enrolled in CUNY colleges in 2002. I provided that information. Now you want to nitpick?

I went to CUNY and I know what was in the classroom next to me. People who couldn't write a simple sentence or add and subtract. It was disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a letter to Diane Ravitch who is the former Ass't US Secretary of Education and is currently a professor of education at NYU. She is frequently quoted in the newspapers and is a HUGE critic of BloomKlein.
I too am disturbed by these dismal statistics in addition to the worthless programs in place citywide. This is her response:


I think you should organize other teachers and meet with the principal. You should tell her that the city has seen no improvements on national tests since it changed to these programs. Fully 3/4 of the students who graduate from our high schools need remediation when they enroll in CUNY community colleges. Tell her that as a teacher, you know that she is doing the wrong things.

I will forward your letter to others and hope to get some other suggestions for you.

Diane Ravitch

georgetheatheist said...

This is new?

I graduated from CCNY in the Spring of 1969. "Before". I.e. before Open Admissions when there was still some kind of educational standard. In 1972, I went back to see an old history professor, to get him to write a recommendation for my entering graduate school. He was a stern taskmaster and brilliant scholar from Europe. (We had to read 200-300 pages of historical sources to participate in his classes.) I asked him how the Open Admissions policy was playing out after 3 years in operation. I can still hear his sigh of utter dismay at the way educational standards had sunk. The need for remediation was then, over 35 years ago, already destroying academic standards.

See the mess that the "kind-hearted" liberals have created?

Anonymous said...

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