Friday, December 11, 2009

Police brutality in Ozone Park?

From NY1:

It was six o'clock Tuesday evening when the Martin family says two plainclothes New York City police officers kicked down their door.

"We all came running downstairs and said 'What are you doing?' They said 'We kicked in the door.' We said 'What was the reason for kicking down the door?' They said 'Because we felt like it,'" Sean Martin said.

The NYPD's version is very different. The police say the officers were chasing a drug suspect who ran into the building where the Martins live. The police say the outside door was already broken, so they knocked it in but were unable to locate the suspect.

A short time later other officers showed up and spent half an hour trying to fix the door. According to the Martins, police officers eventually gave up and tried to leave without giving them any paperwork.

That's when the Martins say they stood in the street to stop the officers from leaving. They claim the police tried to drive through them and that 15-year-old Sean Martin was hit by an NYPD car.

"Deliberately drove into us, he swerved the truck into us," said Anthony Martin.

Sean Martin says the truck hit his knee, and the side view mirror struck his ear. That's when the Martins say things turned even uglier.

According to the Martins, one of the officer's switched off the lights and dozens of others stampeded into their foyer. Marie Martin says she was punched and kicked in the process.

"They beat up my 15-year-old after they hit him with the truck. They beat up on my brother, my daughter, my other two sons. They had no right to hit them, they were in handcuffs," Marie Martin said.

The police deny the claims. Five family members were later charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction and resisting arrest. Four officers were treated for minor injuries.

As for hitting Sean Martin with a police vehicle, investigators say the boy tried to break the mirror -- a claim his brother says is not true.

"I've been an auxiliary [officer] for three years. I will never ever put that uniform on again. Never. It's a disgrace that they would lie," Anthony Martin said.

According to Martin, the family has filed a report with the NYPD's internal affairs bureau.


Anonymous said...

should have videotaped the confrontation. seems like thats the only thing that works knowadays

Anonymous said...

Don't harbor or aid a felon and you won't have to deal with the police.

Anonymous said...

...and not a picture to prove a thing. Smells like bullshit to me.

Anonymous said...

So the police followed the guy into the house but didn't find him? Sounds like they had the wrong house.

How were they supposed to tape the incident if they were in handcuffs?

Anonymous said...

I see some of these young cops as arrogant assholes. Our school cop and a regular patrol car blocked my way down a side street only 2 days ago near Francis Lewis High School. They just stood there and chatted, totally ignoring me, in my car which was right in back of the school cop's small enclosed vehicle. They just told me to "wait" while the clock was ticking and I had to park to get to work (at FLHS). Luckily, a parking spot was right next to me, so I just parked there. Those two cops must have made me wait because they blocked that street for about 3 or 4 minutes. Arrogant I can believe this story; I've seen that entitlement mentality in action too recently. How would anyone tape that? I was driving to work!! I was thinking of calling the 111th precinct, but where would that have gotten me?

Anonymous said...

This is a red-lined nabe where cops can literally get away with murder if they choose to cover it up!

Meanwhile, on the other side of town in the leafy northeast environs, cops are more polite.

Two vastly different worlds between the "haves" and "have nots".

Anonymous said...

My home is under CCTV video surveillance.

Rogue cops beware!

Let's go to the instant replay at the central station.

Anonymous said...

The NYPD is filled with some of the most incompetent people in the entire country but not only that, the NYPD attracts megalomaniacs and control freaks.

Anonymous said...

"I see some of these young cops as arrogant assholes."
Most of them don't even live in NYC, they come from Nassau & Suffolk.They couldn't pass the test out there so what we get are second rate wannabe's.
If you want to see what kind of assholes we get read this blog

Anonymous said...

I had a run-in once with a female officer in an unmarked car who drove so erratically that I thought that I was under attack by carjackers.

She merged from the wrong side of traffic on the entrance to the Grand Central at Hoyt Avenue, and then when she finally entered the highway, circle around, entered in front of me and jammed on brakes forcing a collision.

Since I had no airbags and a tiny car I could have died or swerved into the men doing road construction on the shoulder.

My car failed shortly after that incident. I hope she's dead now since she is such a dangerous nut.

Anonymous said...

There must be much more to this story than given. It just too bizarre to be believable without more facts being provided.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous # %, I believe your story, because I have seen such behavior from cops too many times in the past. However, this doesn't help me believe the original story as posted. Something happened here, but I smell some bullshit on behalf of the subject family, mixed in with the truth.

Anonymous said...

I meant I believed anonymous # 5, the story about the cops blocking the roadway just chatting.

Taxpayer said...

Would the cops posting the ignorant comments calling the victims liars at least use their badge number as an identity?

How 'bout that Anon # 2 and 3 (maybe 1).

Martin Family: don't drop this because of intimidation or stonewalling. You were victimized by professional, gun-toting liars.

They really resent the Commissar, but need his weakness to pay for support, so they take it out on the powerless.

Stay on the case.

Anonymous said...

I hope they lawyer up and sue the crap out of the City for letting such scumbags work.

These cops have jobs with the City because the dog food factories have closed down. They can't work in any other environment because so many of them are drug addict, alcoholic thieves.

I am worried about the family. They will be subjected to harassment by the police & their cronies.

Anonymous said...

I am anon.#2 I can't post my shield number,I'm retired!And what i stated above is very simple.You hate the police because they do their job and you can't conform to societal norms,too bad for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon #2 how is Dennis Kim and Jerry Svoronos doing? Was the 109the precinct harboring felons when THEY KNEW he was getting bribes from prositutes?

Salvatore said...

This is what happens when you give power to either minorities or people with an associates degree.

Anonymous said...

so they didnt catc hthe drug dealer ...

brilliant nypd, brilliant !