Friday, December 11, 2009

Ozone Park man is holding down the fort

From the NY Post:

This man's home is not just his castle -- it's his impregnable fortress.

Watched over by nine security cameras and guarded by roll-down gates, window bars, four locks on the front door and barbed wire in the side and back yards, octogenarian Harry Luft figures he's safe from Queens' "crazy people."

"Warning: Burglar Alarm," says a sign that almost seems redundant posted on the front of the Ozone Park house.

"I live alone, and I was robbed here three times," said Luft, a retired bookbinder.

"I'm not a nut or anything like that," he said. "I just want to protect myself. Life is too short. I lived to be 86 years old, and I don't have many more years to go."

Luft, who has two children, began installing protection around his house on 105th Street 20 years ago, shortly after his wife died of cancer.

First came the roll-down gates -- but they didn't stop thieves. Six years ago, Luft said, he was robbed of a TV, jewelry and cash.

So he built up his security systems, eventually installing the cameras, which he said cost "a little over $10,000."


georgetheatheist said...

Harry, you know what else to do.

Anonymous said...

It might attract them as they wonder what amazing goodies must be inside. And I agree with George, so long as the man is not blind or cuckoo.

Anonymous said...

Pay protection money to the local mob that still runs Ozone Park.

They're the ones, most likely, robbing you to "encourage" you to pay for their protection racket services!

Anonymous said...

A good side by side 12 gauge shotgun.

No permit needed for home, business or hunting (we believe)...just registration and testing by police dept.

And by all means...NRA all the way!

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a hobby during retirement. Does he mail the footage of dogs taking craps to the owners?

Anonymous said...


He seems alittle unstable, if he gets a gun we'll hear stories of disappearing mailmen on his route.

Klink Cannoli said...

I just feel sorry for the guy.

Where are his children and why aren't they stepping up to the plate and caring for him?

Ugh! The destruction of the extended family.

Anonymous said...

He's Nuts.

Anonymous said...

what this senior citizen is experiencing is not to be taken as a joke.
two Asian employees were beaten by three black men ,while they were walking two blocks to get to their cars.
this attack occurred in L.I.C. at 40th avenue at 24th street,this week at 10 P.M. the employees fought back and were not robbed,but one had an eye socket bone
injury. the other had facial bruises.
some of us work part time and are semi-retired.we travel in pairs usually, to walk one or two blocks.

i guess we have to take George,s advice. it is outrageous that we can not legally protect ourselves with weapons. L.I.C. is worse than the the wild west at night.the predators and their community organizers own us.

faster340 said...

$10,000 for a 9 camera security system?!? Yeah I say he got robbed!

Part of my business is setting up security cameras and from the looks of that picture there ain't $10k worth of cameras up there or he got hosed!!!

Anonymous said...

Where are his children?
There are tests that determine one's level of sanity and ability to care for oneself.

If the man passes them, there is NOTHING the children can do. They cannot force him to do anything he doesn't want to do or not do.

Where are the parents of the young people robbing old folks? Because I think it's likely the people who robbed this man are not old. How about throwing some shame their way?

Wait till your parent(s) get older and you try to convince them to do something they don't want to do. And they're still competent. Good luck!