Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Quinn policy is all bark and no bite

From the NY Post:

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has begun strictly enforcing residency requirements for all legislators -- and is promising to look into anyone who doesn't comply, The Post has learned.

Quinn last week sent every incoming and current member papers explaining that they are required by law to live in their districts on the date of election, and mandating they prove residency, citizenship and age before they are sworn in on Jan. 1, 2010.

"If a member does not comply, the Committee on Rules, Privileges and Elections will conduct a review of the matter. If the committee believes a council member-elect should not be seated or is not eligible, the committee will recommend any appropriate action to the full council," according to a copy of the council rules.

Members must submit five records from a list of 18 documents, including driver's licenses, bank statements, voter-registration forms and mortgage-payment notices.

An election-law expert said it would be difficult for her to refuse to swear in a new member if the full council voted in that member's favor, despite any controversy over residency.


Anonymous said...

She sent them a notice telling them what they already know - oh brother! I hope she sent it in Spanish and Chinese as well as English - you know, just to be fair.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Just get rid of Quimm already!

Anonymous said...

18 documents to prove residency? Come on, it's hard enough just to become a candidate, with all the paperwork.

A voter registration and driver's license should be enough.

Anonymous said...

A big joke. How about everyone's vacation homes, where they really live? NOT said...

Our friends at are just waking up to Onorato as being anti-gay - great - so what do they want, another Quinn-Bloomberg-Katz.

What is it about politics that attracts such 'normal' people.

Oh BTW, to our self-styled 'astorians' friends, you know, the 'Newbies' that are afraid of the real 'Astorians' so they throw them off the their little precious blog - Onorato has been a big problem for years - but now its your little gay thing and you go apeshit.

The community, even more so with the immigrants that are flooding it, are not in favor of the gay lifestyle. Onorato may be a piece of work, but you are going to get no where with your agenda.


Anonymous said...

Would Obammer's 'Certificate that I'm a real Citizen' count?