Monday, December 14, 2009

Former site of Hackett has a new racket

From LIQCity:

There’s a substantiated rumor floating around that there was a raid in the 1063 Jackson Ave condos this past weekend, but this ain’t some schoolboy prank. The massive bust supposedly unearthed a very large, but officially unknown amount of marijuana, and half a million bucks in cash.

So the gist is that the condo owners rented their unit out to drug dealers. Ah, the "new" LIC!


Anonymous said...

This property can be seized under the bawdy house laws and should be. It is certainly more just to take property if it is proven that they knowingly rented for illegal purposes than to enrich private persons or the government through eminent domain.

Anonymous said...

Saw on gothamist newsmap the other day "Officer needs assistance 10-63 Jackson @ 50th Ave" and was wondering what could be going on there.