Monday, December 14, 2009

Chuck Scarborough sticks it to Hiram

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From the Daily News:

I'm not sure that [Hiram Monserrate] did himself any favors with this sit-down earlier in the week with WNBC's Chuck Scarborough, who opened by asking the Queens Democrat: "I take it you're here today to announce your resignation?"

Monserrate replied:

"No, that's not what I’m here for. I'm actually here because you invited me to come on the show, Chuck."

It went downhill from there, with Scarborough accusing Monserrate of "doing a pretty thorough job at disgracing" the Senate and "betraying the Democrats", starting with the June 8 coup on continuing through the "embarrassment" of his trial.


Anonymous said...

Good smackdown from chuck, an underrated interviewer.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Scarborough is my Hero of the Week.

Anonymous said...

Chuck is a racists. He was kissing Bloomberg's ass and didn't ask Bloomberg for his resignation. I voting for MOnseratte. done.

Anonymous said...

since when journalist are taking sides?

Anonymous said...

Every great journalist takes sides. Look at Thomas Nast. Not only should he take sides, but Monserrate should have been gone long ago. Please feel free to google his record if you have any belief that I am a hatchet man when I tell you he has been involved in multiple crimes and is currently receiving a mental disability pension while serving as a sitting senator.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it folks, this scumbucket has the following of his sheep in his district and can't lose. They love him and don't care if he lies, beats up his girlfriend, whatever, he's a God to all in Corona & Jack. Hgts. They all have the same mentality so what do you expect. I don't care who opposes him next year........he'll win. He's a piece of garbage but "HIS piple" don't care about what he did. As long as his type is in politics, America is in big trouble. Hate to say it but it's never going to get better only going to get worse. America is going down the tubes very quickly. Joe C & his Democratic cohorts better wake up and do something soon and I don't mean backing Peralta. He's not going to beat this jerk...he's not strong enough. Joe is Dem. county chair and can pull the strings to oust this guy but does he have the guts to do it.......guess we'll have to wait and see.