Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fewer fake parks due to budget cuts

NEW YORK (AP/1010 WINS) -- Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration has scaled back a promise to turn schoolyards into parks.

The city's Independent Budget Office blames budget woes.

The schoolyard proposal was widely touted by the Bloomberg administration. He unveiled it as part of his long-term environmental plan in 2007.

Bloomberg said more New Yorkers should have access to parks. He promised to keep 290 schoolyards open after school and on weekends.

Since the announcement, just 96 schoolyards have been opened as parks. The total planned has been cut to 266.


Anonymous said...

Wow just look at QCB 7. Ridiculously insufficient amount of parks.

Anyone remember the carnival that used to be held in memorial field?
Asian people don't like carnivals so it had to go.

R.I.P Flushing.

Anonymous said...

Fake parks is the right title. An exercise in sham planning took place at my local school and not a word has been heard since in almost 2 years about the status.

Anonymous said...

re;P.S.159 Q,at 33rd avenue & 205street,Bayside.
the 24/7 locked schoolyard had 19 trees planted in the asphalt,that died,in August 2009.
they added a 40' x 60' astro-turf section with 20 benches and a small paint on track.
the soft ball field was the gazebo on third base.
the five half court basketball,with glass backboards,
sections have yet to be played on by the local teens.
the senior sitting area is barred and locked.
the toddler area is barred and locked......WHY?

is this not a community facility ,paid for by the taxpayers?


cost of this waste probably reaches $2-3 million.

primadonna said...

PS 159 in Bayside was turned into a park.
It is now completely empty after school and on weekends. No one has ever seen anyone in it, not even the students during school hours.

Good job Bloomie.

primadonna said...

Who can you write to about 159?

Anonymous said...

They re-did the school yard at PS91. Looks nice. Too bad the gates are always locked.

So much for that....

Anonymous said...

write to:C.P.B.11,D.O.E Inspector General,N.Y.C. D.O.I,
A/G A.Cuomo,N.Y.S. CM Dan Halloran,Bayside.

who initiated this scam of n.y.c. taxpayer dollars?

and why is it always locked up ?

Queens Crapper said...

Primadonna - call NYC Park Advocates at (212) 987-0565. They want to hear about this. Actually, I just got an inquiry from them today, but I am not familiar with this project.