Friday, December 18, 2009

Ackerman replies to Alan Gross


On Monday, December 14th I received a response to the letter I wrote to Congressman Ackerman on November 16th. I’m shocked by the negativity of his reply and more importantly, still not satisfied because he still hasn’t addressed my concerns. I was hoping he’d clear up his reluctance to explain why he allowed the religious persecution of a political candidate. The persecution was conducted by a newspaper he founded and has a stake in. In his previous response, he disavowed his role in the Queens Tribune but did agree it was inappropriate for a candidate to be criticized based upon his faith. As of this writing, he has not come forward publicly with that position.

The date of his response is revealing. The letter was dated December 11th. Was it a coincidence it was the same day you posted the article I authored about the 19th District City Council election and the role Ackerman played in it? Did he plan to ignore my letter of November 16th until this information appeared on the Queens Crap website? However, this latest communication not only does not address the questions being asked, he attacks me and invites me not to communicate with him directly because I can’t be “civil.”

I’m confused by his statement “I’ve been courteous and responded to your requests for 19 years.” This leaves me dumbfounded as I can’t think of one positive thing that came out of past communications. As a matter of fact, Congressman Crowley represented my community until 2000 when the Congressional Districts were redrawn. But at least he was courteous enough to wish me “Seasons Greetings.” After several attempts at preparing a response, I’ve decided to respond through the Queens Crap blogsite as it appears it has a lot more impact than the letters I’ve sent to him so far.

Although I supplied the material to you, I would like it known I had no input as to the way it was published. The Queens Crap presentation seems to be the reason he accused me of name calling. He apparently used your faux Queens Tribune headline calling him an “asswipe” and the addition you put on to the title of my piece…”and whore ads” as a reason to dismiss my letter and article. I failed to find “name calling” or a “childish rant” amongst the material written and provided by me.

Congressman Ackerman claims I “fabricated” the information about his role regarding the Queens Tribune. I admit I mislabeled his financial disclosure statements as tax statements. However, he continues to insist he has a “minority investment in the corporation that owns the Queens Tribune.” I am providing the following links in order to illustrate the truth and dispel any notion my imagination created data as Ackerman suggests. (signed by Ackerman) (signed by Ackerman) unsigned

The financial disclosure statements show he is a board member of Tribco and has assets ranging from $250,000-$500,000 in the corporation. Furthermore, when Michael Schenkler and Gary Ackerman reacquired the Queens Tribune in 2002, the NY Daily News published the following article:

Schenkler also wrote the following in his weekly column (please don’t forget to read the press release at the bottom of the page):

Congressman Ackerman must’ve been sent a link to the Queens Crap website and was probably surprised by the faux headline calling him names. I can’t help but think he now knows how it feels to be attacked just as Dan Halloran must have felt when he saw the original headline in the Tribune on September 17th. You would think the offensive headline would’ve taught him a lesson but instead, he replied to my legitimate concerns with a rant of his own, and a childish one at that! His $1,000 challenge was one of the most absurd aspects to his reply. I admit I misspoke when I labeled his signed financial disclosure forms as tax returns but it does not change the fact I was making about his relationship to the Queens Tribune which he continues to deny in his replies to me.

Ironically, I find Congressman Ackerman’s response creates many interesting parallels to the piece submitted to you. Ackerman claimed he was not aware of the attack on Dan Halloran in the September 17th edition of the Queens Tribune. I wasn’t consulted about the presentation of the material you published. Here’s where the similarity ends. I’m requesting that in the future, you refrain from derogatory comments and present my material in a more neutral tone. After all, the submissions speak for themselves and your December 11th presentation damaged my credibility, even though it was unintentional.

Finally, I just want to point out Ackerman’s December 11th response was typical of the Ackerman/Schenkler strategy of diverting attention from the real issues by focusing on things that either have nothing to do what I put down in writing or pointing out a slight error in the way I described his signed financial statement and not its content. I leave it up to your readers to see if I “fabricated” any of the material used in my article. I’m positive everything will check out. By the way, he still hasn’t answered my question about why he did not try to stop the attacks on Halloran while being in a position to do so.

I am forwarding Gary Ackerman’s most recent response so your readers can see how a sitting Congressman addresses the legitimate concerns of a constituent. It’s my contention that if Ackerman is deceitful in his responses, then his input into the Queens Tribune editorial content could be questioned as well. Crapster, you are doing the people of Queens a great service. Thank you.

Alan Gross


georgetheatheist said...

The plot thickens.

Lino: Democrat said...

Give it up Mr Gross, republicans have been slandering democrats..worse liberals since at least the Nixon vs.Helen Gahagan Douglas disgrace in the early '50s.

That party today our current President. That same party would consider Sarah Palin fit to be Chief Executive. Ridiculous.

Your man Halloran won, why not savor the victory..there won't be too many more. Bayside, it is a-changin'.


Anonymous said...

Bayside is changing, so is the entire 5th District. Thank you for your years of paid (by whom?) service Rep. Ackerman, however, your services are no longer required. Bye Bye.

"give me Liberty or give me Death"
It ain't just a slogan and you collectivist, statist, group-think, well meaning but led astray Sheeple have tried our patience.

And to Georgetheatheist: Friedrich's Traveler Looking over the Sea of Fog...rather appropriate I'd think

Queens Crapper said...

When did Alan Gross ever say he was a Republican?

Anonymous said...

I guess in Lino's mind you have to be Republican to be offended by what was done to Dan Halloran over his religion. It seems though that a hell of a lot of Democrats voted for him since the district has more registered Dems than GOPers.

Anonymous said...

The demented Ackerman demands that a citizen no longer exercise his right to exercise the provision of the First Amendment: " petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Citizen Alan Gross' particular grievance was Ackerman's efforts to "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" referring to Halloran's religious beliefs.

Stupid Ackerman is about to experience the citizens' other constitutional right: to vote.

This repulsive Ackerman and his fellow leftist collectivists are going to be swept away in the revolutionary tsunami scheduled for November 2, 2010.

They love the collective. They will be swept away collectively.

Good-bye, you petty pimp!

Taxpayer said...

To Lino the Democrat:
How happy you must be that the democrats never slandered any president - oh, say, such as George W. Bush.

Lino, can you itemize just one or two instances where the Republican PARTY (your claim) slanders the current president?

Slander is your choice of words. So, I suggest you get the definition before you reply.

You don't have to limit your reading to just bumper stickers.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that an elected official said "*you're* favorite charity?" We should find out the grades candidates got in their English classes before voting for them.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people get the "yourses"(is that a word? lol) wrong. Maybe Alan is doing such a good job making him sh#@ his pants he's forgetting how to spell or even do a spell check.

Alan: Job well done. Maybe you should send Ackerman a Season's Greeting and send him a package of Depends. :)

Lino said...

The ever self righteous "taxpayer" (wanna prove that?)opined:
"How happy you must be that the democrats never slandered any president - oh, say, such as George W. Bush.'

You mean Bush Jr. the war criminal. The man who deliberately has false data presented before both the UN Security Counsel and the American people. The Bush whose actions have directly led to the death of over 4000 American citizens and maiming of over 30,000 more.

I could also go on about his perfidious actions with regard to financial, environmental and legal protections of the American people. But you already know all that. You have just been brainwashed by those dumb AM radio shows and Fux "News".

"Lino, can you itemize just one or two instances where the Republican PARTY (your claim) slanders the current president?"

Don't play dumb, you're too good at it.

Again give up that pedantic self righteousness -- I know this blog is therapy but you are getting tiresome.


georgetheatheist said...

Why Michael Schenkler is a bullshit artist:

"When we discover something that may be significant about a candidate for public office or an elected official, this paper will disclose it. Period!" (Schenkler editorial in the Oct.22-28 edition)

Not one word addressing Ackerman's support of prostitution via the Trib's classified ads.

(Friedrich's "Wanderer ueber den Nebelmeer" shows my perceptive gaze over the clouded minds of men. You're quite right, very appropriate.)

Anonymous said...

Slander, by and large, doesn't apply to criticism or allegations against elected officials. Courts have ruled that time and again.

Queens Crapper said...

I'd just like to point out that Kevin Kim was called the asswipe in that photoshop, not Ackerman.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr. Gross can run against Ackerman. Perhaps his chance of winning will be better than Liz Berney.

Alan Gross said...

Hi All!

I would like to start off by thanking Queens Crap for presenting the latest saga of the Gary Ackerman story. He is a piece of work. First of all, to Lino, this always has to be about you, doesn't it? And the truth is you haven't got a clue! I am a registered Independent and proud of it. For a good part of my life, liberals were too right wing for me. Although I wouldn't vote for Sarah Palin, I admire her recent stand against Al Gore's global warming scam.

You see, political labels are becoming more and more irrelevant on a daily basis. I attended 2 TEA parties this year and what I saw were citizens concerned about their community, country, and world. It no longer matters if a politician represents the Democrats or Republicans as long as they don't represent developers or corruption. Get it? If not, why do you even bother to come here and post? I think you should be the one to give it up and I'm sure that other commenters will agree.

I came forward with my grievances against Ackerman because I was incensed by the Tribune's affront to the Queens community. Although I met Dan Halloran on July 4th, I supported him not because of a party affiliation but because he was knowledgable about issues important to his council district and had the ability to communicate. He also seemed more empathetic.

But my concerns now go beyond the issues of a city council election to uncovering the failings of a Congressman gone mad! I anticipated Ackerman's response when I wrote on December 11th (the day of the posting and Ackerman's mailing), “If Gary Ackerman were any type of man, he would have addressed my concerns instead of trying to figure out ways to attack or demean me. His response to my letter (of October 15th) shows that he has no intention of responding to me in an appropriate way. So the question is, when will I be "Ack Attacked" myself? I have nothing to hide but my gut tells me that there is still more out there to discover about Ackerman, especially if he does go on the attack. This is what happens when your ego and ambitions get the better of you at the expense of your constituents. Elected officials need to be held up to a higher standard than regular citizens. Even if there is nothing illegal going on, there are certainly questions about morals and ethics that need to be addressed. And that is what I believe!”

I wrote that before I even received the letter! Does anyone reading this believe I fabricated the information? I just mislabeled the source. And I am apologizing profusely for that error. Childish rant? Name calling? The links speak for themselves. I wonder what his next move will be? As for me, I will pursue this in the new year. In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season.

Baysider said...

Thank you Alan. I have been a big supporter of Congressman Ackerman for many election cycles but not this year! You have opened my eyes and changed my mind. I read your article and letters and agree with you, not only in content but in articulation as well. Where is the name calling and ranting? I couldn't find it. I am showing this to my neighbors and I can assure you that we will either be voting for the Republican candidate or hoping that the Democrats decide to run a different candidate. This is one large voting bloc that Ackerman has lost forever. Sorry Gary but you have no right to treat a constituent in that manner and it turns out that his info checks out and is not made up and you are the ranter.

Anonymous said...

Ackerman is taking directives from the dead guru who lies rotting on Normal Road and 164th street in Jamaica, Queens. Many photographs were taken of Gary and the Sri, as in Sri Chinmoy

He gave the letter writing project to a hungry unpaid intern.

Alan Gross said...

"Perhaps Mr. Gross can run against Ackerman. Perhaps his chance of winning will be better than Liz Berney."

Not a chance. I prefer to play the role of watchdog.

Anonymous said...

Preposterous. No elected official would send out a letter like that. I think it was "fabricated".

Anonymous said...

Not to defend Ackerman but he said if you can't be civil not to contact him which is opposite of your claim the you cannot contact him because you are not 'civil'.

I just wanted to point that out.

Queens Crapper said...

When was Alan not civil? And what is Ackerman's definition of civil?

Anonymous said...

Why are you shocked by the negativity in his response?, you were insulting him throughout your letter. You even challenged his ethics and implied he was a criminal.

I admire your efforts towards him but your response on this site is too baby-like. When you were a kid did you push another kid and when you were punched you back did you act like the innocent victim? That is what you are doing here. He even put it in letterhead so you cannot be mistaken it is from him.

Anonymous said...

Queens Crapper said...
When was Alan not civil? And what is Ackerman's definition of civil?

I never said he wasn't civil just that Mr. Gross claims he can't contact him anymore and that is not what Mr. Ackerman said.

Anonymous said...

But it's what he meant.

Queens Crapper said...

"you were insulting him throughout your letter. You even challenged his ethics and implied he was a criminal."

When did he imply that Ackerman was a criminal? And how did he insult him by merely pointing out his inconsistencies?

Are we not supposed to challenge our elected officials anymore without being subject to nastiness? Do you people not realize that this chap works for us, not the other way around?

What the hell is this? China?

Alan Gross said...

"Preposterous. No elected official would send out a letter like that. I think it was "fabricated"."

It IS real!

"Why are you shocked by the negativity in his response?, you were insulting him throughout your letter. You even challenged his ethics and implied he was a criminal.

I admire your efforts towards him but your response on this site is too baby-like. When you were a kid did you push another kid and when you were punched you back did you act like the innocent victim? That is what you are doing here. He even put it in letterhead so you cannot be mistaken it is from him."

To the commenter who does not have the courage to identify him or herself, you apparently can't comprehend the many levels of the issues involved. Everything I wrote in my correspondences and in my article can be verified. I am not only pointing out his ethical shortcomings, I called him out to his face. That is my right to do. If he feels that I insulted him, then let him respond to the issues that I bring up and not play games and try to divert attention as he is known to do. As far as contacting him directly, why bother? He is only going to turn anything I say around and not respond. That's the way he plays his game. Is Carl Zimmerman, the 79 year old constituent from Oakland Gardens who also received disrespectful correspondence from Ackerman's office, also a bully? If anyone is "babylike" it is you. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you are one of the Ackerman/Schenkler goons who like to come here and make trouble. You have nothing to add to the discussion, do you? You just want to make nonsensical comments. Go away, troll!

Anonymous said...

If Ackerman doesn't want a bulldog like Gross to bite and hang on, why doesn't he simply respond to the questions being asked? Allan isn't doing anything out of line. He is exercising his rights as a U.S. citizen. I wish more of us could challenge these tainted public officials. They aren't the boss of us, or are they?

Seriously? said...

Online is one word. Never indent in a letter, you're not writing a high school paper.

Come on Gary.

Anonymous said...

Is Ackerman mathematically challenged as well? He claims to have served Gross for 19 years but only began representing him in 2000. I think Ackerman's cage has been rattled by Gross. Interesting development. That letter should never have been sent.

Queens Crapper said...

Just heard that Halloran showed up at the Trib party last night. Can't wait for the photos...

Anonymous said...

Ditto Baysider! Here in Whitestone, we were looking at the letter and links and came to the conclusion that Ackerman is hiding something and it might be big. He no longer has our support. We even talked about campaigning for his opponent, no matter who he or she may be. Nobody has a right to attack someone like that, especially a public servant. The best part is that nothing was made up and is factual, contrary to what Ackerman would have you believe. Where's that fork? He's done!

Taxpayer said...

Lino said:
""Lino, can you itemize just one or two instances where the Republican PARTY (your claim) slanders the current president?"

Don't play dumb, you're too good at it."

- - -

In your bumper-sticker addled brain, you even quote my challenge to itemize one or two Republican PARTY slanders of the current president, but reply by itemizing several more slanders against President George W. Bush.

If you cannot do it, just say so, and return to the profound bumper-stickers.

Otherwise, itemize.

Now you seem to prefer Pimp Ackerman who opposes candidates based on their religious beliefs.

The Democrat porno pimp used his newspaper to slander a Republican candidate for office.

I suspect you know this is the last act for the porno pimp.

Detective McNutty said...

If only every politician had an Alan Gross watching their every move , corruption might actually be kept to a minimum. Too bad the newspapers gave up that part of their job long ago. Whether one agrees or disagrees with Alan's views, you have to admire his gumption.

Anonymous said...

Toby Stavisky for Congressman!

Anonymous said...

Imagine that's now gonna be the very thing politicians fear:

to be "Alan Grossed".

Who else should be Alan Grossed? I'm sure the list is long...

Anonymous said...

Toby Stavisky for Congressman!

A must read from the New York Times!

A. Mused said...

I love Queens Crap!

Detective McNutty said...

Maybe Alan Gross can also write a letter to Toby Stavisky.

Anonymous said...

"Toby Stavisky for Congressman!"

god help us

Curious said...

Anyone have any suggestions for Ackerman's replacement?

Anonymous said...

I want to throw in my 2 cents to say that Ackerman lost the respect of my neighbors and I. We will vote for anyone but Ackerman. No elected official should behave like he does. We were shocked by the information in Gross' article. How bad does that guy need money to support prostitution? Is there an Asian conduit of suspicious monetary transactions? Why doesn't the FBI do its job and investigate him? There is enough suspicion to warrant a closer look.

Anonymous said...

there you go again.proving that liberalism is an illness.
you have to change the have to demonize,rather than tell the truth.

the sadam hussein war was ongoing with the united nations for years. remember :Kuwait being invaded,17 u.n.resolution violations,his firing at U.S.planes.
and BTW ,did not some middle east saboteur's destroy
the W.T.C,the Pentagon,and many America citizens on Sept .11,2001 ?
much of this was being planned while your president, bubba was being LEWINSKYED in the oval office.

Anonymous said...

As a 21 year old college student, I sit and wonder what can be done to oust people like Ackerman and Stavitsky. My friends and I are young, very interested in politics, and have the power of communication via the internet at our hands. Seeing a response from Ackerman like that, only furthers our cause to vote out politicians who no longer do their job which is to serve the people, but because working as a politician fills their ego and has a nice paycheck when all they do is waste tax payer dollars and like photo-ops at community events.

As someone already mentioned this has nothing to do with party affiliation. Democrats, Republicans and Independents must unite to fight for political leaders who are honest (or as honest as they come), care about the community which they represent and not the developers destroying the integrity of our neighborhoods.

Liberal Lino said...

Anonymous said...
there you go again.proving that liberalism is an illness."

Hello Mr Exclamation marks. Still parroting those dumb talk show phrases.

That is so retarded.

Liberal Lino

Fed Up said...

I hope Mr. Gross continues to push Ackerman for answers. He doesn't seem to care what consitutents think of him and uses his office for his own personal good. Is he helping to set up sex businesses in Asia with his Trib cronies? WE DEMAND ANSWERS ACKERMAN! Get it? Ackerman is the uncivil one and Gross exposed him. How come this story isn't picked up by the other media? It is pretty big in my opinion. I guess the Chronicle and Courier don't want to be a victim of an Ack attack as well. What about city-wide and national media? Why is this insult not being reported on elsewhere? The Queens Crap community needs to step up and spread the word, or are all of you all talk and no action? Support or not support? That is the question.

Anonymous said...

Dear Congressman Ackerman:

In these difficult time, it is becoming harder and harder to make a living. Therefore, I created my own home business...resume writing. Don't forget to call soon and you'll get my inaugural discount.

Anonymous said...

I guess the Chronicle and Courier don't want to be a victim of an Ack attack as well.

The Courier is a newspaper? I thought it was a promotional rag for Schnepps and friends.

Anonymous said...

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Let Ackerman sleep. Come November he'll be in for a rude awakening! Ha Ha Ha

He who laughs last, laughs best.

Alan Gross said...

An open letter to Gary Ackerman:

See Gary, you thought that you'd be a wise guy and blow me off! Well, judging from the majority of the comments that were posted here, you made a severe error in judgment. Had you been civil to me and responded to my original inquiry, none of this conflict would have happened and you would have been able to sneak under the radar. However, your deceptive responses and childish rants have exposed you. I think that anyone who read this latest post can see that I didn't make anything up. You thought you could exploit the mislabeling of the financial disclosure statements but anyone who followed the links knows the truth, and it isn't what you so staunchly claim to be fabricated, is it? Your role in Tribco is far more than a "minority investment" as you told me in your first response.

I planted the seed of mistrust and others will help it grow. You're so full of fertilizer that I'm sure that the tree of doubt will flourish. It's time for a change and the people in the 5th Congressional District deserve better than a representative who does not care what is on the minds of his constituents. In my research, I saw the connections between the Queens Tribune and some of its executives, Asian porn (both here and abroad), and a district attorney who is looking the other way. It must be nice to have friends in high places who will protect you at the expense of taxpayers.

I am hoping that you will think twice the next time you choose to disrespect a constituent. Your arrogance will be your downfall. I'm aware that I'm not the only one who wrote to you and received an insensitive and disrespectful response. Our numbers are growing and your chances of being re-elected are shrinking. I think you should see the election of 2 Republican candidates to the city council in your district as a sign of things to come. Personally, if this exchange has had a negative impact on your celebration of the Holiday Season, than I am comforted in the thought that you are becoming aware of a community that exists outside of the little fiefdom that you have been trying to create. This is the United States of America and as long as we have a Constitution, I will exercise my freedom of expression for the betterment of my country and my neighbors.

Alan Gross

Anonymous said...

Ackerman most likely got scads of money from Tommy Huang.


Find out WHO went to Taiwan on that FAMOUS trip...wasn't it back in the late 1970s? Then you'll have many more people to investigate.

CB#7 was represented on that trip we hear.

Great job Alan!

And speaking of jobs...maybe "ruffles" Rafferty and the boys ought to start a job search soon when Tribco gets investigated by the FBI.

Perhaps I've already requested a federal look-see!

Anonymous said...

Give Gary some respite (ha, ha).

He's under great stress and is losing control of his faculties, as
his latest response to Alan indicates.

And judging from his website's pleading request for campaign support he's obviously running scared that he'll lose the next round in the upcoming election.

Maybe this is the end of the road for Ackerman.

His usual campaign donors are maybe running a little scared too.

For if a deep investigation of the Congressman and his crew ensues...they might get called onto the carpet.

Oh well....he can always go for an ego boost "tune up" with some of those whores that Nussbaum can surely provide.

There's one particular rub ad in the Trib that quotes "$40" for a "quickie" or $100" an hour.

Sounds good to me!

Former Supporter said...

And judging from his website's pleading request for campaign support
Not this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liman said...

Really, just a crazy idea.... how about... now just think it over... what if we got rid of Ackerman and voted in someone who cared about our taxpayers? I know, I know, it's nuts.

But that's what's going to happen all over the country in 2010. Even here.

Nussy said...

And judging from his website's pleading request for campaign support
Not this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're not worried. We'll get plenty from developers and whores.

Anonymous said...

This may sound like a stupid question but are there rules about how a congressman can treat a constituent? I've read and re-read Ackerman's reply to Gross and I am shocked. Gross' information checks out and just because he misidentified financial info, that was no reason to attack him. I wouldn't be surprised if the $1,000 that was offered came from prostitution. Don't take it Allen.

Anonymous said...

Same guy?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to vote!

Sergey Kadinsky said...

"Not a chance. I prefer to play the role of watchdog."

Alan, if Halloran can defeat Ackerman pick Kevin Kim, why can't you run against Ackerman?

Sure, you're under-funded, but you'll get the Queens Crap endorsement easily. And perhaps you could win.

georgetheatheist said...

Notice how the Tribune ran a photo of Halloran with his Doberman this week on their photo page? Hey Dan, they're trying to make nice-nice to you now. Don't fall for the proverbially "bone" they hand out.

georgetheatheist said...

And when their advertising department calls for you to send in a "greetings to the constituent" ad, do take them up on it with a quarter page ad that reads "Fuck-off Ackerman, Schenkler, and Nussbaum"

Alan Gross said...

Well, time to respond to some of the comments.

Firstly to George-
I have a copy of the Trib dated Dec. 17-23 and the Headline is "SHADY DEAL?" and the rest of the page is about Jose Peralta. I live in north Flushing. The Trib's front covers are usueally consistent borough-wide, or so I thought. I don't recall reading anything about Halloran in this edition. Strange, huh?

See for yourself:

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

"Same guy?"

Yes. I grew up with Lou Pearlman who is famous for creating the BackStreet Boys and *NSYNC. Unfortunately, he created a $500 million Ponzi scheme that destroyed the life savings of people throughout the U.S. but primarily in Florida and in Queens, NY!!! His friends and family were victims as well as many retirees who were devastated by their losses.

I provided research materials to many media outlets. The link is my review of a book called "Hit Charade" by Tyler Gray. I spent a lot of time with the author providing leads and materials from my extensive archives about Pearlman. Pearlman and I had a passion for blimps but Pearlman's unethical ways eventually led to a parting of the ways.

I did continue to keep track of him and wrote to the SEC in the mid-90's when I caught his Company manipulating stock transactions. The SEC looked the other way but Tyler Gray wrote that if they investigated my concerns, he could have been stopped before the scheme grew to such a large level.

Ackerman made a dramatic to do in Congress on behalf of Bernie Madoff victims. How come he didn't advocate for victims of all Ponzi schemes which have proliferated over the last decade. I guess Ackerman craved the media attention that the Madoff case created.


And finally, tempting as it is throw my hat into the political arena, thanks but no thanks. As someone who takes and will take chemotherapy medication on a daily basis for the rest of my life, I can't guarantee that the health condition that I have will allow me to serve a community that deserves a full-time representative. Interestingly enough, I wrote to Ackerman in 2005 about my health concerns and he blew me off in his reply. I forgot all about it until I started to dig through my archives as I prepare an article about my discovery of a potential cancer cluster in Queens. Stay tuned...

Alan Gross said...

Sorry George,

I misspoke once again. I found the photo on page 22 in the upper right hand corner. I missed it the first time around. Too much going on.

georgetheatheist said...

Ok. It'd be great if Halloran unleashed the Doberman to go for Ackerman and Schenkler's 's fat asses. "Sic'em, Rover!"

georgetheatheist said...

Jerry Rotondi. Are your reading this?

Alan Gross said...

My head is a little foggy today so I am apologizing in advance if I screw up again. George, I was so sleepy earlier that I misread your comment and thought you wrote front page instead of photo page. Too much to do and all I really want to do is catch a cat nap. I am afraid that my daily chemo med will be increased shortly as some of my blood counts are rising. I usually handle fatigue better but I suspect that the weather is also a factor. That, my friend Sergey, is why I prefer to be on the outside looking in.

However, I am also writing to see if anyone can assist me with Ackerman's $1,000 challenge. I didn't think that tax returns were posted online but I may be missing something and there are a lot of smart people who come to this blogsite. I was given new hope when I came across this earlier today:

Is there anyone out there who can find any of Ackerman's returns? I really don't want his whore money but I would use the $1,000 to begin an investigation to see in the incidence rate of Polycythemia Vera is higher in Queens County than it should be.

I have credible information that it might be so but I want the information to be officially recognized. There is a cluster that was discovered in Hometown, PA which is just north of Reading. Government officials tried to suppress the data but an oncologist from Mt. Sinai made it official and now the people are being helped and a potential cure might not be that far off. It would be nice to feel normal again and not take chemo every day.

I found this using Google. Please read:

· Ronald Hoffman, a professor of medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, uncovered a high incidence of a blood cancer in northeast Pennsylvania while working with the health agency's scientists. The research identified an elevated incidence of polycythemia vera, including four cases on a mile-long stretch of road near a former toxic waste company.

Although an abstract by Hoffman and his colleagues said there was significant evidence linking the cancer to environmental causes, agency officials publicly rejected the idea and unsuccessfully pressured Hoffman in 2007 to withdraw from a conference where he was to present the findings.

"I thought they were trying to always increase the hurdles so they could disprove what to me was basically pretty obvious," Hoffman said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. Ultimately, after additional analysis, ATSDR agreed that the elevated cases were statistically significant and its scientists joined Hoffman in publishing the findings last month. The agency is now considering additional studies.
That, my friends, will be my next journalistic effort. My intial inquiry consisted of calling several hematological/oncological offices in the borough. The numbers that were provided showed me that Polycythemia Vera may be 10X or more prevalent in Queens and I barely scratched the surface. Polycythemia Vera is treatable but can be fatal if it goes undetected. The problem is that most doctors ignore the blood counts until it is too late because they have not been given advisories of what to look for. If someone dies from the blood disorder, it wouldn't be discovered because the heart attack, stroke, or embolism would be cited as the cause of death instead of the disease.

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If Ackerman doesn't donate $1,000 to Gross' research he is a bigger schmuck than I thought. Gross' health concerns certainly seem genuine. After all of the conflict, that would be a happy ending. On the other hand, is Ackerman capable of a happy ending without a sex act being involved?

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the website might be on to something?

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Thanks for exposing Mr. Ackerman for what he is and what he has been trying to do.
BTW so what is the approved charity that Ackerman should donate the $1k - one that is controlled by him?

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Alan Gross:) Keep up THE GREAT WORK:) WE NEED YOU!!!!!!