Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Deer swims to Governors Island

From Fox 5:

The NYPD Harbor Unit is trying to rescue a deer stranded on the shores of Governors Island.

SkyFoxHD was over the area at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The deer could be seen moving back and forth over rocks near the water on the western shoreline.

It's not clear how the buck - a male deer- ended up there. Deer are considered good swimmers.


-Joe said...

The deer knew Jose and his 40 boxmates had idea's for dinner !

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! It's probably worth a lot of doe...

Erik Baard said...

They routinely swim to Staten Island from NJ.

Anonymous said...

Why not leave it there? Grass grows on Governor's Island, it is not particularly dangerous to people unless one hit it with a car.

Anonymous said...

If the Cubans can make it to the Miami shore and not get penalized, I say let the deer swim to Governor's Island and stay there. They are not harming anyone, not illegal aliens and not taking services from the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

mistaken it for ellis island? trying to leave???

georgetheatheist said...

What I find fascinating about the video is not the deer but the rocks it's scrambling over. Are those naturally "indigenous" to the shoreline of the island? Or were they placed there by the hand of man? You see similar rocks along the shoreline by Astoria Park and Roosevelt Island. What is the geologic composition of these rocks?

Anonymous said...

Sure, it was escaping all of the illegals in Brooklyn looking to BBQ him!

-Joe said...

"Escaping all of the illegals in Brooklyn looking to BBQ him"

No Sh*T !
Im currently in Mattituck protecting one of my homes and pets.
The illegals are have been coming out from Riverhead/Manorville shooting homemade arrows, slingshots in the woods and on my property.
They steal corn, greens and will poach ANYTHING !
Many peoples pet Chickens, Turkeys Goats and pigs have been stolen not including COUNTLESS BBQ kettles, tarps and dinkys.
Many DWIs hurting innocent people, Pickup trucks with Carolina and Tennesee plates

This nun & church in Riverhead is protecting over 500 of these criminals in this tent city.


Queens Crapper said...

Two of them crashed into each other on Thanksgiving and both ended up in jail for DWI. A passenger was killed.

Anonymous said...

Governors Island is perhaps the safest place in New York for a native right now
Chupacabra + full moon.


KG2V said...

No, the rocks you see are placed there - heck, something like 1/2 the island is fill anyway

Pretty much all the rocks along the shore on Long Island are placed there. The way you thell the ones that are not? Are they "rounded"? Remember that Long Island (and it's surrounding islands - Manhattan NOT included) are glacial till - aka it was the "stuff" pushed in front of the last glacier, and when the glaciers melted, the island was left

Anonymous said...

Somebody dropped it off there (probably in a vain attempt to repopulate the island - I bet there is a doe somewhere as well). No deer is swimming in the waters off Governors Island.

georgetheatheist said...

KG2V. Why are these rocks placed there? To prevent erosion? Behind these rocks are roadways and retaining walls.

-Joe said...

To prevent erosion ?

Im pretty sure yes.
You can also find those fill rocks along the Long Island City Shore (I dont know about now) N Brothers south shore (however its all trashed), U Thant and Rikers Islands.
-I have seen a Deer and some strange looking birds on North Brother.
However dont try and step foot on it post 911. They spot you on sensors infered in seconds then come with dogs.
--Coast Guard federal stuff BTW
Its no more fun to be a boater

Anonymous said...

I hope he makes it.