Friday, December 18, 2009

Cross Bay toll coming back, buses& trains to be eliminated

From NY1:

Elected officials in Jackson Heights say there are actually other ways for the MTA to avoid service cuts, including leasing out commercial space at the 74th Street/Roosevelt Avenue station.

From CBS 2:

A political irony Thursday, Gov. David Paterson has lead the chorus complaining about the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's decision to whack the student MetroCard program, but he's the one who cut the funds in the first place.

It's a surprising development. The blame for eliminating free student transit passes starts with Paterson.

Proof that it was Paterson's decision to cut student MetroCards is in his deficit reduction plan. On page 79 of the bill it eliminates all but $6 million of the funds.


Patrick Sweeney said...

It is supposed to be called the "Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge" -- and was completed in 1970. The construction costs were paid off a long time by tolls. Connecting Queens with... Queens -- it should not be a toll bridge.

mpineiro said...

Thank goodness they weren't planning on ONLY having N train to Astoria. It would be disastrous if they were not extending the Q.

EG said...

Patrick, The MTA is not interested in doing what is right, they're interested in milking every penny from the people. Though the tolls have long since paid off the cost of the bridge, the MTA is required to charge some sort of toll. If only they would think of those who live in Rockaway and are being held hostage by the MTA's removal of free tolls for residents.

Kevin Walsh said...

Eliminating dozens of bus lines is one way to get people back in their cars, or as JSK wants, on their bikes.

I'd like to see Jeannette's bike-mandatory utopia with some of the wide loads I see on the buses and trains.