Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Will Jamaica Hospital be the next to close?

From the Queens Tribune:

With another flu season looming, the viability of at least one “safety net” hospital is in danger. In a report to Trustees dated June 26, independent financial auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers wrote that “Jamaica [Hospital]’s recurring deficiencies […] raise substantial doubt about Jamaica’s ability to continue as a going concern.

“[...] Jamaica has recurring losses from operations, a working capital deficiency of $12,408,000 at December 31, 2008 and an unrestricted net deficit of $52,733,000.”

The report continues, “There can be no assurance that management’s plans will be sufficient or timely enough to generate sufficient cash to meet its operating needs and achieve financial stability for Jamaica.”

According to the audit, Medisys – which operates Jamaica Hospital and Flushing Hospital, two other hospitals and dozens of ambulatory care clinics – is also in trouble: “The consolidated financial statements of MediSys reflect a working capital deficiency and net deficit that raise substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern.”

“This is on us,” said David Rosen, CEO and President of Medisys. “It puts us in an extremely compromised position, financially speaking.”

While repeated requests for an explanation of Jamaica’s yearly financial statements were not addressed by the hospital, the unpublicized audit confirms that the hospital’s finances are currently in dire straits and, according to hospital officials, this years’ flu season will only exacerbate the situation.

“The demographic in this service area is such that there is high percentage of uninsured patients and illegal immigrants who do not qualify for any coverage,” said Rosen. “This is particularly apparent in the ER.”


Taxpayer said...

There is one way to guarantee the closing of Jamaica Hospital: Stay silent.

Another way is to stay home on election day.

Still another: Vote to allow any candidate a third term.

Finally: Convince yourself that there's nothing you can do, and, to prove you believe that, do exactly nothing.

Ms. Ponzi said...

I have a habit of asking to go to LIJ/North Shore in Manhasset to avoid the overcrowded emergency room at LIJ. The local politicos better not let Jamaica hospital close, or we will be closer to the Dark Ages than we already are. Health care, like education is for sale and for profit in this country. Greed and this profit motive are sending this city and this country in a direction which is the opposite of democracy. Are you listening, Mr. Thompson?

Remember St Johns said...

Lets lay this on our Congressional delegation for making this a sancutary city.

"Honest Joe" Crowley
"Silver Slipper" Ackerman
"Callous Carolyn" Baloney
"Hot Dog" Weiner

Remember those names.
Get ready to assign them blame.

Anonymous said...


Christina said...

maybe if certain hospital CEOs (David Rosen, perhaps?) would stop stealing money earned by the Medisys hospitals, this wouldn't be a problem!

georgetheatheist said...

What's the big deal? Ask the ambulance driver to take you to Mt.Sinai in Astoria. There they have the ER al fresco - the gurneys are lined up on the 30th Avenue and around the corner onto Crescent Street.

Anonymous said...

Or do you mean Buy Buy Jamaica Hospital?

Anonymous said...

Of course Jamaica Hospital will close. Then, the government will step in and "help" by providing care as part of a Government Health Care System. It will open government facilities and NY will become a model for Health Care. Then the government will hit the taxpayers with the bill. That's the plan. People will panic because there will be so few hospitals and will actually be grateful that the government will provide care. Pretty sneaky, HUH?

Anonymous said...

Where's Adam Smith when you need him?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Obama's health plan can include the reopening of our borough's closed hospitals.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? Ask the ambulance driver to take you to Mt.Sinai in Astoria. There they have the ER al fresco - the gurneys are lined up on the 30th Avenue and around the corner onto Crescent Street.
A little over the top, don't you think George? Maybe in the near future though....

Anonymous said...

There are going to be a hell of alot of paople walking around looking for an open hospital when 9-11 Part 2 hits us.

Anonymous said...

What a crazy world. All the rich people of N.Y. feel this doesn't concern them because all the hospitals that have closed have been in poor areas. Where do you think all the uninsured sick peolpe will be forced to go? I hope they go to LIJ and NY hospital. We all pay for uninsured patients so why not help the hospitals that can not keep up with all the patients that don't pay becuase it will just cause overcrowding in other hospitals. Please someone help this situation. Over crowded hospitals are very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Hospitals are going under from illegal aleins, that recive free care. Americans many like myself have no problem footing the bill via taxes to help fellow legal american citizens.But not illegal we better get our acts together soon.