Thursday, September 3, 2009

Watch for falling glass!

From the Daily News:

They paid as much as $3 million for their fancy midtown condos - but the Buildings Department has barred them from stepping out onto their balconies.

The reason? Huge glass panels are falling from the luxurious, 42-floor tower, city officials said.

The balconies at 325 Fifth Ave., between 32nd and 33rd Sts., are now wrapped with unsightly protective mesh and fortified with plywood after glass started falling last month.

Scaffolding was erected over the sidewalk to protect pedestrians after the Department of Buildings banned residents from using the balconies, whose glass panes have dislodged.

Witnesses say the glass sheets fall whole, but break as they hit the side of the building on the way down to the street.


Anonymous said...

It's Raining Glass! Hallelujah! It's Raining Glass! Hallelujah!

Anonymous said...

"Chicken Little" was right.

The sky is falling along with our economy.

People who live in glass houses better keep their liability insurance up to date!

Don't get caught beneath the windfall or your ass is glass!

You rarely see this happening with solid pre-war construction.

Anonymous said...

my my, our mayor really knows how to build affordable housing. now if only one of the sheets of glass happened to land on the multitude of NYC slumlords and their friends, that would be fine by me. Even better, how about on a paid off housing court judge who came through the McManus machinery?

God forbid one of those sheets of glass falls on a rent stabilized tenant who "took a buyout" from their slumlord in thanks for taking another rent stabilized apartment off the market and helping to make another person homeless.

ceiling on my head lady said...

When rent-controlled tenants "take a buyout" its usually at the point of a gun. I refused to take a buyout and in return I was frozen, boiled, had a ceiling dropped on my livingroom. Had raw sewage dropped on my bathroom. Endured holes in my walls, floors ceilings. Had music blasted every hour of the day and night. Had my mail tampered with and my mailbox re-keyed so I could not get at my own mail. Had my hot water interrupted, no stove for two years and more.

Trust me, if you don't take the "buyout" they will bring you to the point of death. Only the most impoverished and desperate dare resist.