Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vallone family's dynasty likened to the Kennedys

From the Daily Politics:

A reader forwarded over this full-page ad for Queens Council candidate Paul Vallone that features a quote from Mark Green that links the Vallone family to another (rather more prominent) dynastic Democratic family: The Kennedys.

"It's a good thing...the Kennedys in America and the Vallones in NYC - both are dedicated to helping working families," Green is quoted as saying. (He's identified as "Public Advocate Mark Green, even though he doesn't currently hold that title - although he is trying to get it back).

Actually, the full quote, which Green made when he and Vallone endorsed one another in June, was:

"And to cynics, I regard it as a good thing that he comes from a family dedicated to the well-being of our City. I have no problem with the Kennedys in America or the Vallones in NYC - both are dedicated to helping working families survive and thrive."

An interesting quote to employ, considering all the press surrounding the recent death of Sen. Ted Kennedy. The ad is from yesterday's Times Ledger, but I'm told it's also appearing in the Queens Tribune.

I got the screenshot from the Queens Times.

I wonder why he thinks a comparison to the Kennedys, an endorsement from Bloomberg and a lame quote of his own will get him votes. I also wonder how Mark Green has the cojones to put Vallone's lame lobbying lawyering tweeding family in the same league with a president and two senators. Sadly, Green is the front-runner in the public advocate race.


Anonymous said...

Yea, I saw it too. The tweeders are running scared cause crappy and a host of other blogs are skewering them - something that has not happened before - and it any of them lose, they know the public will smell blood for the first time.

Vallone, Liu, Katz and Gioia. Despised all but overtime on spending (and labor and developer campaign donations).

These guys if elected will have big debts to payback.

We will really be f*cked then.

Anonymous said...

The local press should be ashamed at printing crap like this, but considering they support Paulie-boy, stuck. They dug their own hole.

Not only does it trash what is left of their creditability, but shows their outright contempt for the general public.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to quote a certain figure from the 1980's with this:

I met Jack Kennedy, and you're not Jack Kennedy

Anonymous said...

seriously now??

are you seriously talking about a quote that Mark Green said..

this site is pathetic...

Anonymous said...

Paul Vallone is coming in third in this race. And that will be the end of him and Petie Juniors ambitions. If the Vallone name cant get 65 percent of the vote in Northeast Queens, how is Petie gonna be the Borough President or DA ? I dont think so.

This is what happens when you have a person who has no record, no committment, no knowledge of anything to do with government.

Paul Vallone is doing this because he is broke. He is trying to grab a Council salary and build a law business.

He should be ashamed of himself.

Anonymous said...

There are many things to admire about the Kennedys including courage, personal service, sympathy towards the poor and downtrodden, but the family had a very noticeable dark side too.

I'm not sure that being compared to the Kennedy's is 100% good. As an Irish Catholic I would prefer being compared to Al Smith. His flaws were not quite as pronounced.

Don Corleone said...

There's quite a difference between the Kennedy clan and La Famiglia di Vallone e Siciliano!

I should know.

Anonymous said...

He looks like a closet S&M queen in this photo!

Anonymous said...

seriously now??

are you seriously talking about a quote that Mark Green said..

this site is pathetic...








georgetheatheist said...

Ask not what your country can do for you. Rather, ask what you can do for your country.

Throw the conehead out on his ass!

Anonymous said...

Our country didn't declare independence so that we could have our own dynasties.

Kennedys, Bushes, Cuomos, Vallones, Espadas, Weprins, etc. This is supposed to be a democracy, not an oligarchy!

faster340 said...

"Our country didn't declare independence so that we could have our own dynasties."

Well then people need to stop voting them into office because of name recognition! Vote on facts and records and reality!

Anonymous said...

"oligarchy"???? Puh-leeze! No ten dollar words for us Queens-ites.

BTW Didn't Johnny, the Liar, Liu try the Kennedy thing also? I think he claimed he was named after JFK.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why but every time I think of the Vallones this song comes to mind.....

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately in a political supermarket IT IS pretty much about brand name recognition.

When a shopper goes to pull a can of peas off the shelf she (or he) generally looks at the razzle-dazzle expensively advertised big brand if they can afford it.

If they can't afford it an off brand will have to do.
That's the general psychology of things.

But you need brains as a voter to choose the best buy which is not necessarily the prominent brand with big ID recognition.

Vallone might be a big brand can of peas but the Vallones are big time lobbyists beholding to the developers for decades.

That makes for a very lousy tasting meal!

Behar or Cooke might be seen as off brands but they're really of a much higher quality than those big brands because they're NOT OWNED by the developers.

Those cans of peas are the better buys and taste better for they both care about the community they'd be representing.

Now wisely chose the best can of peas for your table and for your neighborhood.

Good luck on Tuesday.
But remember...WE CAN'T AFFORD TO HAVE THE VALLONES INVADE eastern Queens at any price!

Ms.Ponzi said...

As I told the Vallonies who were working the supermarket crowd up in Whitestone yesterday, "No more Vallones or other hacks."


Anonymous said...

Waste a Vote on Behar or Iannece, Kim wins.

Make your Vote count on September 15th and Vote Vallone.

Anonymous said...

Who BTW, just recently started campaigning for this seat only 5 months ago and managed to raise 300,000 DOLLARS. More than 80% of which was from out of the district and state. Hes never voted in this district and yet everyone gives Vallone hell for the Astoria thing. Vote Iannece or Behar and Kim wins.

Anonymous said...

Why would any one want to be compared to the Kennedys... lying, scheeming, drinking, murderous mob. A bunch of rotten to the core no-goods - anyone who became involved with them either ended up addicted, incarcerated, or dead.

Sick of Vallone said...

I saw a crumpled up Vallone flyer in a wagon at Target. He looked good that way.

Anonymous said...

After Tuesday it'll all be over and Don Paulo will be in the garbage can along with his lawn signs.

Those sleazy bus shelter posters will be around to haunt us for awhile until "Cemusa" eventually removes them. the can we BE SURE that mega-ego Apelian is running Vallone's campaign for free?

There's another crafty guy to keep a watchful eye on...any of you federal agents who might be perusing "Queens Crap".

Hey Chuck...does being forced to read this blog spot keep you awake at night?

Addictive...isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your two cent post Mr. "up-Chuck-n-follow-the-buck" Apelian but from what we hear Paul is scared shit that Behar will win!

Nobody is throwing away any votes so forget about your desperate 11th hour scare tactics.

I'm voting for the best man (or woman) like everyone else is regardless.

That's democracy you power hungry goon!

This district will not drop to its knees just to fill the wish list of political blackmailing extortionists!

I'm going to dance when your client's expensive printed material goes out for recycling!

You see every defeated pol can be put to better use in this way.

Please continue to enjoy reading "Queens Crap".

Can't afford to log

Anonymous said...

Word of mouth amongst the civics circulates faster than Apelian/Vallone's in your face ads and fliers.

And the word on the street has it that Vallone is toast in the northeast nabes his family lusts to control.

Maybe Chuck and Paul ought to skip to Bermuda for a brief fall break after Tuesday (on Bloomberg's tab at hizzoner's casa).

Anonymous said...

True dat!

If Vallone has got the primary all sewn up then why is Apelian posting incognito... pimping for his real estate industry's lobbyist client on Q.C. ?

Because the crown does not yet sit so firmly on Don Paulo's head and Chuck can't afford to ignore Queens Crap's wide circulation!

Hello out there Mayor Mike and your CAU commissioner.

Enjoy backing a loser like yourself? can afford it.

truth hurts said...

from Paul Vallone's facebook page..

"By the way, if you ever needed more proof about the character of some of the candidates running against children have been out on the internet on false videos, lies and hate in the mail, vandalism to our community and bus stops....To my friends, family and supporters, our campaign of unity, integrity & positive family poilitics shines brighter & grows stronger every day.... Onto to victory on Tuesday!!"

Anonymous said...

"Waste a Vote on Behar or Iannece, Kim wins."

Although I haven't completely made up my mind yet, what would be so bad about Kevin Kim? I know that one person had previously posted that there are Kim signs on construction sites on Northern Blvd, but I've also seen Vallone signs and Iannece signs on construction sites. Please, what's wrong with Kim, other than his ties to Ackerman (whom I personally can't stand)? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's not so race baiting Vallone handlers...if Kevin Kim wins the primary.

Then Kim will surely wind up losing to Republican Dan Halloran in the November election.

Padavan who is well loved out here supports Halloran.

So then we'll all vote for Frank's choice which is Dan!

Vallone is kaput either way and that's what's most important.

A little demographic reminder here folks...Asians (Korean, Chinese, etc.) comprise (I believe) only about 15% of the district.

Chinese won't vote for a Korean candidate (like Kim) and Koreans won't vote for a Chinese candidate.

And the area was well represented in the past by Republicans like Mike Abel (city council) and Doug Prescott (NYS Assembly).

So a Republican taking the 19th district again isn't exactly a crime...except to Mr. Apelian who will lose his most coveted access to power!

Tough luck....Chuck!
Your getting old and will have to give it up someday anyway.

(I'll bet the rug-head just soiled his pants reading this).

Anonymous said...

The Daily News drank the Vallone kool-aid and endorsed Paulie Walnuts today.

Queens Crapper said...

The Daily News is all about Bloomberg, so naturally, they would choose his puppet, Vallone.

Anonymous said...

Good morning up-Chuck...having a good read? didn't have to spit your morning coffee all over your keyboard.

Insert one Valium suppository and calm down for it's going to be a long day.

Nor to worry though...shorted out keyboards are easier to repair than a shorted primary.

"follow the buck" Chuck said...

I'm a bundle of nerves.

Can't wait until I'm finished handling this Vallone business so I can get back to my Willets Point sell out.

( only...checks are traceable).

Anonymous said...

"Chinese won't vote for a Korean candidate (like Kim) and Koreans won't vote for a Chinese candidate."

I think that's a bit too simplistic. Certainly, if it was a choice between a Chinese and a Korean candidate (as we see in the race to succeed John Liu), then I could see how people might want to just vote for their own nationality out of a sense of pride. But with Kevin Kim the only Asian candidate in CD19, it would not surprise me if he won the Chinese vote, too. But not every Hispanic voted for Fernando Ferrer, and not every African-American will vote for Bill Thompson.

Anonymous said...

vallone signs all over the polling places plu bay terrace shopping center vallone we hate you go away

Anonymous said...

i see the vallone campaign is counting on the sheer stupidity of voters to win the seat. no need to talk to the civics, huh paul ?you know they hate you already. lets get them dumbasses while their heading into the polls. they dont know any better. cause if they did you KNOW you wouldnt get there vote now would you paulie

paulie go home and take your faith and family with you.. developer bitch

Anonymous said...

I was just informed that the embarrassing "You Tube" video in which which Vallone skirted answering the question of him being a lobbyist for developers (at the Ft. Totten candidates forum) WAS PULLED!

By who or by who's "request"?

Did Don Pietro "senior" Vallone, political mafioso, lean on "You Tube", Behar or what?

Ask Chuck Apelian!

Too late, Chuck & Company, it's already done its damage.

Than God I missed that obnoxious sound truck that went through north Flushing blaring out the vote for Vallone crap.

I know an awful lot of people in the 19th district that are going to vote for Dan Halloran this November if Don Paulo wins the Dem spot.

They're going to kick that Astoria pol/mobster out!

Anonymous said...

Looks like an advertisement for the old Conehead movie with Dan Akroyd.

Anonymous said...

Just passed Paulie's house. He took down his campaign lawn signs, but (no surprise) has not put up any Kevin Kim signs. Will he support his party's nominee in November?