Friday, September 11, 2009

United We Stand

35th Avenue and 108th Street


georgetheatheist said...

Eight years and it seems like yesterday. I can still smell the smoke.

Jerry Rotondi said...

"Meres" who is the director of the "5 Pointz" aerosol art museum in Long Island City worked on that flag many years ago.

I was there photo-documenting the process...days of spray painting in the hot sun.

Of course the artwork was commissioned with the building owner's approval.

So (in this case at least) please stow away any stereotypical notions any of you might be harboring concerning graffiti and aerosol art.

"Meres" has generously done many such memorial murals free of charge. any of you know that Jonathan Cohen ("Meres") is an Eagle Scout?

I'll stand up for "Meres" fine character any day!

Andy the Agnostic said...

the day after I was on the #7 platform at Grand Central and could smell the smoke.

It got sucked through the tunnel up to midtown.

Excuse me...I'm not particularly religious, like yourself, but G-d (or somebody..somewhere) please have mercy.


ew-3 said...

Question for you NYCers....

My impression of TV coverage of 9/11 today was that there was hardly any. This is in the Boston media region.

How did it seem down there?

Anonymous said...

Tons of coverage down here, although I was a little weirded out that the Fashion industry chose the day before to sponsor "Fashion's Night Out."

You hardly want to party when you reflect that the next day is the anniversary of a bloodbath.

georgetheatheist said...

United we had stood?
United we did stand?
United we stood?
United we stand?
United we are standing?
United we do stand?
United we will stand?
United we will have stood?
United we will have been standing?