Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tweeding Case Study: Broadway Triangle

There's been so much lately about the Broadway Triangle fiasco that I decided to post a number of links here to allow you to absorb it all. In a nutshell...

From the Daily News:

The Ridgewood-Bushwick group and UJO of Williamsburg are said to have used their ties to Brooklyn Democratic boss Assemblyman Vito Lopez (D-Williamsburg) to be chosen as the developers.

The plan also caps building heights at eight stories - which opponents charged is a nod to Orthodox Jews who cannot take an elevator on the Sabbath. They further contended that Orthodox Jews' attraction to the shorter buildings would create fewer housing opportunities at Broadway Triangle for Williamsburg's Hispanic population and African-Americans from nearby Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Besides alleged racial bias, the lawsuit charged the rezoning plan to turn the manufacturing area into a residential community violated the city's land use rules because it skipped review by Bedford-Stuyvesant's Community Board 3.

Housing Project Splits Bushwick District

Taking 'Triangle' to Court

Lawsuits over Broadway (Triangle)

Community Groups Sue City over Broadway Triangle

Bullets over ‘Broadway’ as city is sued over Triangle rezoning

And of course, as per the Bloomberg Doctrine, the plan calls for eminent domain for private gain.


Miss Heather said...

Steve Levin (Vito's puppet) has cinched the 33rd City Council Democratic nomination. Diana Leyva (who broke with Vito regarding the Triangle) seems to have secured the 34th.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Nonetheless north Brooklyn is f**ked. Then again, this is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

Can't take an elevator on the sabbath..... but can convert lofts into illegal apartments.


The Changeling said...

I've gotta get up to speed on this! Thanks QC and Miss Heather!