Sunday, September 20, 2009

Terror suspect and father arrested

AURORA, Colorado (CNN) -- Federal agents arrested a 24-year-old Colorado resident, his father and another man on charges of making false statements as part of an investigation into an alleged terror plot, the Justice Department said Sunday.

Najibullah Zazi, an Afghan national, and his father, Mohammed Wali Zazi, were arrested Saturday night in the Denver suburb of Aurora.

An acquaintance of the two men, Ahmad Wais Afzali of Flushing, New York, was also arrested. Afzali is a legal permanent resident from Afghanistan.

"Each of the defendants has been charged by criminal complaint with knowingly and willfully making false statements to the FBI in a matter involving international and domestic terrorism," the Justice Department said in a statement.

From Fox 5:

In an ever-expanding terror investigation spanning New York and Denver, federal authorities swooped into the offices of U-Haul truck companies and a funeral home based in Queens.

According to the Daily News, Robert Larson, who manages the UHaul location in the St. Albans section of Queens, said he thought he was being 'punked'.

Seven Afghan men walked into the St. Albans U-Haul location and tried to rent the jumbo sized super movertruck, the largest truck available. The deal fell through when none of the men could produce a credit card or the identification necessary to pay with cash.

The Islamic Burial Funeral Home in Woodhaven, Queens was also searched by authorities.

The New York Post reports that seven associates of a suspected al Qaeda bomb-maker were taken into custody yesterday -- as their cohort reportedly admitted to taking bomb training from al Qaeda and playing a key role in planning an attack here.

At least a dozen people remained under round-the-clock surveillance in the case.

From the Daily News:

Another man identified as going to the U-Haul branch also insisted on his innocence yesterday.

"Are we going to be treated like this for the rest of our lives?" asked Ahmad Afzali, an imam at a Queens mosque. "Every Muslim across America is fed up with this kind of mistrust."

And every American is sick of terrorist Muslims like you. Enjoy your stay in the federal penitentiary system of the USA, asshole.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the owner of the U-haul company who wouldn't let them rent-a-bomb. Sometimes paperwork is important.

Taxpayer said...

Reports of terrorists in the US are deliberate lies intended to stir up hatred for Muslims.

We have all been told officially that terrorism doesn't exist, and any claims to the contrary are racism on our part.

Whatever these innocents were doing, it was not "overseas contingency operations"

All these lies are being told to thwart the Messiah's Universal Health Care reform plans.

And, we already know from the Messiah Himself, and Napalitano, head of Homeland Security, that George Bush lied repeatedly regarding terror in order to get oil and lower taxes for the rich.

The fact that the Clinton grifter team was saying exactly what Bush later said, simply proves that when Bush says something about anything, it is a lie, but, when any "progressive" says the identical thing, it is not only the truth, but reason to raise taxes on the rich.

All this talk of terror is just one more matter that the Messiah inherited from Bush.

Don't be tricked by clever lies.

Anonymous said...

The messiah? Raptor Jesus never made or conveyed any of these statements...

Anonymous said...

These are some pretty dumb terrorists (thank heaven) leaving blatant trails that even a sight impaired person could easily follow.

Al Queda must be scraping the bottom of the barrel and running out of malcontent, brainwashed "martyrs".

Great job you FBI agents!

Keep those twisted Muslim radical
goat f-----s locked up in prison where they belong 'til their beards reach their feet!

georgetheatheist said...

What's the purpose of having the cops check the trucks going into the Queens Midtown Tunnel when you can drive the same truck unobtrusively over the Queensboro Bridge?

Anonymous said...

Because the cops don't give a f--k about the beautiful iron lacework of the NYC landmark Queensboro Bridge.

Also a blast in a tunnel does far more damage.

The harbor police were patrolling the bases of all NYC bridges after 9-11.

That's where the real bomb danger the foundation support structure.

I don't know if that still holds true.

I hope so!

Anonymous said...

The "Friendship Bridge" (as I believe it's known) connecting Canada to the USA has electronic bomb sniffing equipment installed (according to TV news stories).

I hope that NYC has gotten federal money to have a similar system in place on all of its bridges by now.

If not, then somebody's been jerking us all off.

So what's the story Mayor Mike?

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

I needed ze homeland security money for Claire and her "friends". Did I make a whoopsey? Oops. My bad.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the Vibrant! Diverse! septic envirnment Queens the Democratic Machine has given us.

Time to ask them some questions everytime they get stupid about immigrants.

Anonymous said...

I do not feel sorry for the Muslims/Islamic people who chose to come to the US.

I feel sorry for all the American people they have put out of jobs.

Why do we let Pakistanis/Indians take over Jackson Heights and invade our neighborhoods? The thing that gets me is how comfortable illegal immigrants feel to take over and bring their lousy 3rd world values. Which are garbage in the streets, an absolute disregard for any US law & a disrespect for American culture. Why is their culture always so much better and has to be shoved down our throats with the multi culti lies?

If this city deported all illegal aliens when their visas expired, they would not be here to blow things up or try to harm anyone else.

Anonymous said...

ha, last post is just racist. good job. Indina started coming here during the cold war cause your government wanted a cheap source of educated labor, which is what they got.

Anonymous said...

re: ha,comment #11, the emphasis on the original
post is "illegal and terrorist". these foreign people are
breaking United States immigration laws. no one is
denying workers who have legal status and are fulfilling the normal quotas.youhave exhausted the
"racist" label in the U.S.A.. your slur will not work on us any longer.

islamo-fascist bomb throwers need not apply. many of us patriots will eventually convince the liberal/appeasers in the federal government that our families safety is their first duty. where is your respect for your new country?

PizzaBagel said...

"Are we going to be treated like this for the rest of our lives?" asked Ahmad Afzali, an imam at a Queens mosque. "Every Muslim across America is fed up with this kind of mistrust."

Good way to throw it back at us with the big guilt thing. Don't fall for it.

And thank you, Mr. Larson of U-Haul, for raising the red flag on these bozos and not going for the quick buck. What's the highest civilian award in this country, the Congressional Medal of Honor? Whatever it is, you should receive it.

Anonymous said...

The anti-Indian post makes no sense since they have not been involved in terrorism here, nor have the seiks (sp?). Indian is the home of three major religions and they have had more trouble with Muslim terrorism than anyone. One reason Pakistan was carved out of a larger India.

PS, no one complains when they benefit from excellent Indian doctors or engineers. I prefer my Indians settled in America paying American taxes and receiving American wages than undercutting my wages working for peanuts in their own land.

rob fletcher said...

Well, terrorism doesn’t stop on our account, because we have been so careful after 9-11, does not mean our current government understands the implications of these US haters. Who will ever understand hot great heir hate is for us and our freedom???