Thursday, September 10, 2009

State pols living large off campaign contributors

From the Daily News:

Luxury cars. Fancy dinners. Foreign trips. Spa treatments.

They are all perks that politicians have managed to claim as campaign expenses under a law that critcs say is far too vague.

"The law's a joke," said Blair Horner of the nonprofit watchdog New York Public Interest Research Group.

"Enforcement is nonexistent," Horner said. "It's a disgrace."

The state Board of Elections can impose civil fines for violating the rule that campaign money can't be used for personal expenses.

Board of Elections spokesman John Conklin said enforcement actions for expense violations occur rarely, if ever, claiming that the board "doesn't have the staff" to look at expenditures.

Misuse of campaign funds is also a criminal act, but violations are rarely prosecuted.


Anonymous said...

law that critcs say is far too vague.

I wonder why? POLS work for themselfs not the people - demand the opposite.

ew-3 said...

The IRS should take a look at these folks. Suspect uncle sam thinks this might be undeclared income.