Saturday, September 12, 2009

Southeast Queens to get new sewers

City's flood of stimulus

The city is receiving $220 million in federal stimulus money to clean its waterways, Gov. Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg announced yesterday.

The money, which the state Environmental Facilities Corp. will administer, will go toward water-infrastructure improvements and equipment upgrades throughout the five boroughs.

Some of the plans include restoring 38 acres of wetlands and grasslands next to the Paerdegat Basin in Brooklyn and reducing flooding from heavy rains in regions prone to deluges, such as Cambria Heights and Far Rockaway in Queens and Pelham Parkway in The Bronx.

"These projects will provide a bounty to New York City by saving money through increased energy efficiency, protecting our waterways through improved waste-water treatment, reducing flooding after heavy rains and restoring precious wetlands," Paterson said.

From the Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg announced on Tuesday that the city will spend nearly $45 million to upgrade sewer and water main systems in southeastern Queens.

"We'll extend storm sewers into areas that have long suffered from storm water flooding and replace water mains and sanitary sewers," Bloomberg said at a news conference in Brooklyn with Gov. Paterson.

"To those people from southeast Queens who have been suffering for decades, let me say help, actually, finally is coming," the mayor added.

In addition, Maspeth and Middle Village are to get more Greenstreets to help with the flooding.


Anonymous said...

Now that's one of the few good uses of stimulus funds I've heard of.

Taxpayer said...

I thought that wherever the Commissar stood at any given time was understood to be sewage.

Anony2 said...

LOL good one Taxpayer!

Watch out SE Queens, sounds like eminent domain is coming your way! Why else would hizzonor feel you need decent sewers? Just ask anyone from WP...

Anonymous said...

The plan is to make a blue belt like in SI, pipe excess storm water into the parks in that section. I don't believe any eminent domain will be necessary.

Anonymous said...

Mayoy Bloomberg needs to hold a press conference about sewers?? This is something that should have just been taken care of - No dog and pony show necessary!

Henry.Ed said...

Just in time for elections Commissar? I hope you choke on a dildo you f**k*n prick