Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Slumlord king lives in Kings Point

From the Daily News:

A Washington Heights grandmother sleeps on her couch to avoid the raindrops falling through a hole in her ceiling.

While Gladys Figuera and other tenants live with broken ovens, rusty bathtubs, peeling lead paint and exposed wiring, their landlord kicks back in a $5.9 million Long Island estate.

The 14-unit building, owned by Bahram (Danny) Hakakian, has 290 open violations - 225 of them hazardous, according to city records. The Department of Housing Preservation and Development ordered Hakakian to fix the roof at 2145 Amsterdam Ave., but he didn't lift a rich finger.

Instead, the city hired a contractor to do the work. Since 2007, the city has spent more than $27,000 on emergency repairs.

Hakakian lives in the village of Kings Point. His mansion has six bathrooms, two fireplaces, central air, an elevator and a pool, property records show.


Taxpayer said...

Now there's a fine candidate for the use of eminent domain.

No! No! No Way!

The owner is rich.

He's the Commissar's type.

Leave him alone. Screw the tenants. They're too poor to fight for their family.

We don't need poor people. We need rich people.

Anonymous said...

The city wide preservation movement sucks, does not include poor people or people of color, and does not reflect the social-ethnic makeup of this city.

This garbage was solved 100 years ago. Why are we seeing it today?

Pratt, can you tear yourself away from the developers and look into tenant abuse?

Anonymous said...

Exhibit A as to why we cannot expect any useful help from areas that are designated landmarks.

That is were the bankers that finance crap, the achitects that design crap, and the landlords that profit from crap live.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of animals.
This guy owns a clothing line and also demands to see his models in "private"
If you only saw what Kings Point and almost all of Great Neck propertys look like.

Anonymous said...

Typical Manhasset bay charactor. Me beginnings to thinks it must be the water.
This blog cracks me up.

What about the guy who rents out his houses and lives in a doghouse ?