Friday, September 11, 2009

Port Authority giving away WTC rubble

From NY1:

The Port Authority is offering up its World Trade Center rubble for September 11th memorials around the country.

The agency will invite towns and cities to ask for pieces of debris as part of an effort to give more of it away.

The Port Authority filled about two-dozen requests for debris in the past year, with a dozen more still pending.

There are about 2,000 pieces ranging in size available, though carting expenses will have to be picked up by the recipient.

The rubble does not include approximately 200 iconic pieces that will be displayed at the planned National September 11th Memorial Museum.

The debris is currently being stored at an 80,000 square foot hangar at JFK Airport.


Anonymous said...

9-11 is becoming an industry.

There are hustlers around New York selling souvenirs of suffering.

How many times do I hear tourists on the subway asking for directions to "Ground Zero"?

Apparently no trip to our city can be complete without gawking at the World Trade Center's remains.

Show some proper respect. It's a grave site.

A Better NYC said...

No one is "gawking" at anything.

Visitors go to Ground Zero to catch a glimpse of history.

Guided tours are given at Arlington National Cemetery, Pearl Harbor, battle fields where the Civil War was fought, Normandy and even Green-Wood cemetery in Brooklyn.

No one is being disrespectful by going to Ground Zero.