Friday, September 4, 2009

Park noise out of control

"I’m thoroughly disgusted with the amount of noise that comes out of the Maurice Fitzgerald Playground at 106 Street and Atlantic Avenue. If it's not morons hanging out at all hours, it's idiots with supposed permits (which are not on display or produced if asked).

Today is one such event. The 102 Pct has no knowledge of it, nor does the park guy with the truck. So, I call and complain. And, guess what? That's right: the damn crap goes on and on and on with music (from a band) blaring away and loudspeakers squealing feedback. It's so loud that I see people who are trying to enjoy a summer afternoon in the park with their children leave in droves. Inside my house it's no better. Even with windows closed and the air conditioner on the din that they're making drowns out my television.

Say that they have a permit. Does that mean that they can be as loud as they damn well please?

The police's non-response is no surprise either. Back on August 4, it was "National Night Out Against Crime Night" with the music so loud that I was forced to leave my house for the evening.

There has got to be a way to put an end to this nonsense. And if anyone has an answer, I'd like to know it.

Thanks for listening to me vent.




faster340 said...

Sorry to hear your woes. I have an answer but it wouldn't be too legal. LOL....

Anonymous said...

Be thankful you don't live in Washington Heights. There the sound trucks park in the middle of Broadway with or without permits and are allowed to blare.

Then then are the Black Israelites who torment the residents of Queensbridge night and day with their sound trucks.

A glass of Dieffenbachia (Dumbcane) laced lemonade to all!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your woes. I have an answer but it wouldn't be too legal. LOL....

Agree with the above and feel your pain as I had the same experiences with noise - if you confront the noise maker - they will deliberately make more noise direct soley at you to make you irritable and possibly commit murder if you had no self control - the noise makers know this and harm you mentally.

If you have called the police, 311 etc do not give them your name or tel contact.

In the past I solved this issue when a persistant irratant noise maker who performed noise outside, I called 911 fibbing that the noise maker maybe threatning passerbys with a deadly weapon and hung up. 2 minutes later 6 black / white cars showed up knocked the noise maker to the ground etc. After realizing no weapon or threats occurred they understood that this noise maker attracted potential trouble and insured he never returned to this corner again if they could help it.

So I ask rather than go insane, plan creatively, enlist others to help you and try techniques as such I used in the past. Good luck!

Taxpayer said...

The Commissar has made his choice.

There would be the decision to enforce the law to protect taxpaying, voting citizens.

Then there is the opposite decision. To order the police to refuse to enforce the law.

Why choose to NOT enforce?

To satisfy the "immigrant community" - legal and illegal. So that various ethnic groups will vote for the Commissar.

Trouble is, the decision to not enforce assumes that immigrants, legal and illegal, have no respect for civilized behavior and are best left alone.

The Commissar, who looks down on anyone with less that several billion dollars, insults everybody for his elitist political purposes.

If you like being insulted by this turtle-faced dwarf little bore, then, by all means, vote to be insulted even more.

On the other hand, if you have the self respect enough to demand that all city agencies obey and enforce all laws, then vote to dump Commissar Death and Taxes.

It's now or never.

Take control now.

A letter to a constituent said...

Dear Constituent:

Lady, you are obviously one of the Middle Class assholes we need to leave the city.

You complain about quality of life shit, that unlike renewing the senior center funding every year (gets photo ops and the vote) or some icecream money to some ethnic tweeded (ditto) your problems actually require effort and work that would alienate the tweeded and take time away from working with developers.

Leave. I will be relected again and again and your issues will be ignored by the Queens weeklies.

"What can you do about it?" - Boss Tweed.


Your Elected Official.

Anonymous said...

This morning 2:30am called 311 once again to lodge a complaint against the people who were not just playing loud music, they were broadcasting/blasting it. The later it gets, the louder the "music" gets. Doesn't anyone have babies or old people who need their sleep? Is this being done on purpose to force me elsewhere? BTW, I'd love to know where that elsewhere is

Usually it's the drug dealers in their social club who are making the disturbance.

I called 311 to make an ANONYMOUS complaint, then 911 saying that there was a fight going on w/ drugs and alcohol involved. Music stopped soon after that.

But why is it on me to make sure the law is applied? It feels so hostile when people blast their music. Yes during a party or some other occasion you can expect late night noise. But every night of the week? are they ALL drug dealers/prostitutes? Or are they all getting government benefits?

There are also groups of predominantly males who congregate on the sidewalk from about 10pm to 1:30 - 2:00am screaming, yelling, saying vile things. It is very frightening.

The other question is what do these people do all day that they can stay out all night?

I have to get up in the morning to go to work!

Anonymous said...

Bland park in Flushing is the worst. Smells like shlt, naked babies running around bums who are drinking liquor and giant tourbuses that make conjestion for blocks.

Jeff with one 'f' said...

Does the NY Times mention this when they celebrate Queens' diversity?

Anonymous said...

Call your ELECTED OFFICIAL, oh wait, she don't go to your neighborhood, and you have no Assemblyman! SORRRRRRRRRY!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Richmond Hill is a lovely place to live in. With all the alchoholics and idiots blasting music outside, one can't think of a better place to live in. People here seem like they don't work, but still manage to get money to "hook" up their cars. I don't get it. The wives work and the men stay home and drink bear all day (outside ofcourse)They wash their cars every other day (some form of OCD)and listen to the same damn music (lyrics sound like a lady is screaming/whining) I just don't get it. How these people have time to sit outside and just act stupid. Is this all they want to be? Probably. Richmond Hill is where every Guyanese and Triny would love to live at. Why? I don't know.