Friday, September 11, 2009

New Program Will Teach NYC Students about 9/11

NEW YORK (AP/1010WINS) -- Sept. 11 family members and college professors have unveiled a plan to teach junior and senior high school pupils about the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The 9/11 curriculum was announced Tuesday in New York City. It will be taught in pilot programs this year in California, Indiana, New Jersey, Illinois and Kansas.

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani was among those interviewed by the educators who developed the curriculum.

Giuliani says there's a natural tendency to forget the events as the years go by.

But he says the threat of terrorism still exists, and it's important for children to develop an understanding of 9/11. He says this curriculum offers a sensitive way to do that.

Photo from the Washington Post


Anonymous said...

Will they be teaching the kids about the sleazy Silverstein, dirty Deutsche Bank, etc. machinations?

That will, no doubt, be glossed over along with other important details of history.

It's been often said that history is written by the this case it will be the developers of the site!

Anonymous said...

will they also teach about how profitable that day has become for certain individuals?

Anonymous said...

The curriculum might prompt the children to ask why we still have a hole in the ground at that site and ask why there hasn't been anything done in 8 years. The educator can explain how in New York City, it's all about the money. They will learn that New York City is a disgrace!

linda said...

anonymous? pretty sad. the children will be learning about the terrorist attacks on american soil... not about the process of developement. the reason it is still taking time today is all to blame... i'm a parent and glad they will be watching and learning and never forgetting..

god bless america!

ew-3 said...

but what will they teach?

30% of all democrats think President Bush knew about 9/11 before it happened, and let it happen so we could invade Iraq.

Anonymous said...

the children will be learning about the terrorist attacks on american soil..

The children will learn how fearful and hateful their parents were to support 2 pre emptive invasions that killed innocent civilians and young american soldiers. 9/11 did not justified all the blood and money lost in these 2 bogus wars. Lack of health care is the real domesetic terrosim in our soil.

Anonymous said...

While I'm happy that students will learn about this tragic event (since it is history -- which I guess they don't teach anymore), I hope they will stick to the facts and not base the curriculum on conspiracy theories. I also agree it is sad that New York still doesn't have a proper memorial to the victims of 9/11. May the victims rest in peace. God Bless America.

ew-3 said...

"Lack of health care is the real domesetic terrosim in our soil."

Let me guess, you're a republican?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this will be the watered down, politically correct, Obama Administration version of 9/11.

Anonymous said...

former F.B.I. anti-terrorism boss and security chief at
the w.t.c on 9/11.JOHN P. O'NEILL, a victim , wrote this letter to his first grandson:

"you have been born in the greatest country in the
world. it is well to learn the ethnic backgrounds of your parents,to love and cherish the ancient folklore.
but never,never forget ,you are an American first. and
millions of Americans before you have fought for your freedom.The Nation holds all the terms of our
endearment. support,defend and honor those whose duty it is to keep it safe." May/2001

from:"The Man Who Warned America" by Murray Weiss also read "The Cell" by John Miller.

i buy a round at two cafe's on 9/11,in honor of John P. O'neill . Anonymous

Anonymous said...

How about hiring native New Yorkers, "Americans" not illegal aliens, who lost their jobs/careers & who since 9/11 have not worked at steady jobs? We can tell the whole story to the kids.

I could tell them how the disaster aid center set up at the old DMV in Manhattan was a maze of unnecessary security and Christmas for Chinese illegal aliens. Illegal Alien Translators pushed Chinese speakers to the front of the lines, you could have been there for five or six hours, but as an American were once again pushed to the back of the line.

How about how crappy the Red Cross was to survivors?