Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Liu lied about campaign contribution refunds

From the Daily News:

City controller hopeful John Liu insisted during a recent debate that he's refunded every major contribution from donors linked to groups he's given taxpayer dollars as a city councilman. But it's simply not true.

The Daily News counted at least 10 people on the boards of groups to which he steered money who have lavished him with donations.

Among them:

- Two board members of Asian Americans for Equality, which got $50,000 from Liu's portion of the City Council slush fund this year. Banking executive Fred Hung gave the maximum $4,950.

- Two board members of the Flushing Business Improvement District gave Liu $4,950 and a third, restaurateur Raymond Chen, appears to have given $5,200. Liu has given the BID $25,000.


Anonymous said...

John Liu took campaing funds for his first race for City Council from the employees of his daddys bank. WHILE his daddy was busy robbing that bank.

As da-da is ripping off the low income residents of Queens via the Great Eastern Bank Scam, baby boy Johnny is taking money from that same bank via the employess so that he can represent the very same people da-da has just ripped off.

And this cat is running for Comptroller?

Has the City lost it's flippin' mind?

Anonymous said...

Liu lied. So, what else is new?

Anonymous said...

Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE)One of the many groups that hired The Parkside Group as Lobbyists.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Great Eastern Bank... The president of the Seven Giants Properties, the guys (Joseph "big daddy" Liu included) that robbed the bank, owns the factory that Johnny Boy was "forced to work in" as a child. Someone's not telling the truth about that place. What other businesses are being run from that building?

His whole immigrant experience is a lie. The Liu family is extremely wealthy and have been even before they brought those riches to the US from Taiwan. He's from a rich family that NEVER had to worry about "making ends meet".

Lying and cheating have played a big part of his political life. The Queens Dem Machine cut deals with an opposing canidate not to challege his designating petitions. Every candidate running in the 2001 primary knew he lacked the required signatures. Even though the paper work had been completed, not one of the candidates challenged the petitions.

Lying Liu for New York? Geez, I hope not!

Anonymous said...

If Liu gets in...better lock up your cookie jar...because he's related to Tommy Huang...aside from being a habitual liar and a junior crook.

After all...he takes after his father!

Lying thieves seem to run in the family.

Anonymous said...

Liu won his city council seat by roughly 400 votes and the machine put pressure on his opposing candidates not to challenge this slim margin.


Flush Liu down the toilet by voting for ANYONE ELSE!

Where did Johnny boy get that 3 million dollars so fast to run his campaign anyway?

From Dem clubhouse $$$$ skimmed off the the voters or leftover slush $$$$ from the defunct Great Eastern Bank?

Daddy Liu could reveal it all.

Anonymous said...

Look at those lips.

Liu looks like he could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

Maybe that's how he got up in politics.

It wasn't with talent.

Anonymous said...

if he wins the dopey dems in this city deserve what they get.

John said...

Would I Li to u?

BernieC said...

A friend of mine just translated a recent and very interesting interview with John Liu that appeared in the Chinese paper, The World Journal. John tells the reporter that he and his family lived in a big house in Taiwan and that they emplolyed two maids.

So much for the poor wet-back. Where did he get this sad immigrant story for his campaign from? Flower Drum Song?

Anonymous said...

Liar - Liar - His Pants Are On Fire.

Anonymous said...

And who can forget how John Liu sold out the Mitchell-Linden and other north Queens communities by going along with Bloomturd's plan to give the Flushing Airport properties to Korean wholesale businesses. Funny thing. This proposal was in the jurisdiction of Councilman Tony Avella who organized 4 successful protests against the project.The plan was eventually dropped. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

So now Liu won the election anyway unless a challenge is successful!

I hope you all realize that it's you...the lazy non-voters who are directly responsible for giving away your rights to be properly represented!

Actually...I have much more respect for our newer Americans.

Asian/Americans are not like the stale pseudo patriots who sit... forever complaining from the comfort of their armchairs about America going down the tubes....yadda, yadda (yawn).

The new Asian/Americans get out and vote...no cynicism...and no excuses from them.

They take their newly found responsibilities seriously...not for granted!

So let's not hear any bitching from you ol' "white folk" about the "yellow peril" colonizing America.

You gift wrapped it in silk and bound it up with pretty ribbon then gave it away for free!

I'm ashamed of all who stayed away from the polls.

You should be stripped of a portion of your citizenship privileges or have to pay a surtax for not voting.

Ignorant backward bastards!