Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Klein Farm will be vacated by day care center

From the Daily News:

Li Chen, the owner of Apple Tree Day Care, will vacate the property, owned by Tommy Huang's company, Audrey Realty, by the end of November - three months before her two-year lease expires.

Huang had been pushing Chen to leave the property since April. The deal came before a judge was set to make a final decision on the case in Queens Civil Court.

Under the agreement, Chen will not have to pay rent for three months prior to her leaving the 2-acre property on 73rd Ave. She plans to reopen her day care center in Bayside by December, she said.

Huang is in negotiations with Robert Frischman, president of JDF Realty, to sell the property - a deal that couldn't close as long as Chen was still a tenant, Lin said.

Frischman represents the Fresh Meadows Jewish Development LLC, which plans to buy the property for $5.6million, according to Audrey Realty's statements to Chen.

Assemblyman Mark Weprin (D-Little Neck) wrote a letter to Frischman late last month, pointing out that the city Planning Commission must approve new development on the site because of zoning restrictions.

Altering the property in any way would require a special permit, Weprin noted.

Frischman said his client did not plan to develop the site, according to Weprin.


Missing Foundation said...

Wow, doesnt this picture say it all about the current direction - and future - of Queens.

The system is rigged to satisfy only those who want to take as much as they can.

If that means ruining the boro, as your elected offical will tell you as they sit on their hands, its 'as of right'.

The developer's right.

The campaign donor's right.

Not yours.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I'm sure the developer won't do anything drastic like tear down the houze and put up a steaming pile of Queens Crap. We really should put all our trust in the local politicans and developers. They are selfless servants of the common man who are always completely civic-minded and have the interests of the local communities always in mind.

Ms. Ponzi said...

Tommy Huang ruined downtown Flushing years ago. His hired hoodlums torched a large fruit and vegetable market and walked into individual businesses and threatened them. A boutique owner told me they walked into his store with lit matches and lighters. The store owner was "connected" shall we say and his problem was settled at a meeting in downtown Manhattan with his connections and the Tong. Don't trust this gangster.

Anonymous said...

The purchaser of the property, Fresh Meadows Jewish Development LLC says it is not going to the develop the property. Why would a "development" LLC pay $5.6 million for a piece of property it plans to not develop? I really can't believe it won't be developed in some way.

Anonymous said...

Fresh Meadow Jewish Development LLC is a domestic limited liability company registered with NYS in February 2009. The person to whom the Department of State is to mail any process is a well-known Manhattan commercial real estate broker named Robert Frischman of JDF Realty.

Think something might be afoot here??!!