Sunday, September 6, 2009

Katz tries to act like Avella

From the Daily News:

Queens City Councilwoman Melinda Katz vowed Wednesday night to slash her salary if elected controller - a promise an opponent attacked as disingenuous.

"It's symbolic posturing in the middle of a campaign," said Queens Councilman David Weprin, who noted that Katz had voted with most of the Council for a pay raise in 2006.

"If Councilwoman Katz felt that way, she should have taken a pay cut already," Weprin said.

But Katz said now that she is running for higher office in the middle of a recession, the right thing to do is to lead by example and slash the controller's salary by 10%. That would bring the $185,000 controller's salary down to $166,500.

"I will start with myself," she said.


Anonymous said...

Please Lord, don't let me throw up on my computer.

Anonymous said...

That's mighty white of you,Mel.

Anonymous said...

We may get better people if we make these voluteer positions.

Anonymous said...

Katz has taken close to half a million in kickbacks oops campaign contributions from developers.
Handcuff her to Quinn and send them both to jail.

Go to NY Daily News - you can find articles backing this up. They don't serve the people but have been bought by developers.

Taxpayer said...

She will NEVER be Avella!

He's far too honest and unpretentious for her taste.

Avella's honesty and intelligence is obvious even a block away.

He NEVER would have told constituents: "If you don't like it, get a lawyer" when they asked her as their city council representative to intervene and prevent a homeless shelter be opened in their quiet, lovely, residential neighborhood.

Katz did tell those people exactly that.

Tony Avella would never have forced such a blight on a neighborhood and its young children.

Katz doesn't care about taxpayers.

Avella works tirelessly for the taxpayers.

Oh! Yeah! Tony voted against the self-serving and entirely unethical city council pay raise and has refused to accept the raise for all these years.

Katz voted for the self-serving pay raise, and has accepted every unethical penny of it ever since.

Does this city need still another self-serving, unethical money counter screwing constituents while self-dealing with all the tax parasites in this city?

If you really believe you are worth nothing, then elect Katz as controller.

Anonymous said...

she is such a man

Anonymous said...

Phew....first Bill Thompson tries to steal some of Avella's campaign thunder by banwdagoning on Tony's issues....trying to pass off himself off as a grass roots mayoral candidate.

Now Katz has the chutzpah to imitate Avella too.

I guess they're both afraid that Avella's campaign platform has become far too appealing to NYC's voters.

Bill and can imitate but you can't duplicate the genuine article....TONY AVELLA FOR MAYOR.

Everyone else is merely a bootleg product.

Anonymous said...

She's got nice jowls, though, when you look at her from a certain angle.

Anonymous said...

Ass or face jowls?

Anonymous said...

She doesn't need a salary. Her developer friends give her plenty of money in kickbacks. She can still sell your neighborhood without taking a salary from the taxpayers. What a gal! Give her the heave-ho and vote her out.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a a tax accountant but it wouldn't surprise me if this would put her in differnt tax bracket. Ends up with same amount or possibly more take home.

Taxpayer said...

Can't she use those developers' kickback money to buy clothes that fit?

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

The New York Daily News may have removed their direct link so go to their search engine type in Melinda Katz campaign contributions...
it should bring you to a piece "You Can Color City Council green" that exposes Katz

italian girl said...

Taxpayer, I really don't think it's the clothes. It's more like the BODY that's not doing a good job filling out the clothes.

faster340 said...

She can take a pay cut now cause she is a single parent and with that child she can get big tax write offs so that more than makes up for the 10% loss. Who's she kidding!

Anonymous said...

"Can't she use those developers' kickback money to buy clothes that fit?"

How about throw in a trip to a beauty parlor will you're at it? don't they have those in Forest Hills anymore? come on, being gay, she must know some fags who went to Beauty School.

that hair do is almost as lousy as Heidi Chains, the lady who is going for Katz's council seat. Like a mop on her head, just as bad as Katz's dishrag hair.

If Katz can't brush her hair, how can she add up all the figures?

Anonymous said...

If Councilwoman Katz felt that way, she should have taken a pay cut already," Weprin said.

David, that's easy for you to say. Melinda is a mother, just because she had artificial insemination doesn't mean she doesn't have to pay her own personal mammy/illegal alien to take care of her trophy baby all day.

Anonymous said...

I hope she doesn't try to be like Avella. If she was then she'd be hatewd by the one's who work with her, never write and pass any legislation and most important...she'd never win then

Taxpayer said...

Italian girl said...
"Taxpayer, I really don't think it's the clothes. It's more like the BODY that's not doing a good job filling out the clothes."

- - -

Italian Beauty,

You're right. And, that may also explain why her head is so small. She has no brains on the inside to fill the space.

As for Anonymous saying that Avella is most hated: corrupt parasites cannot survive the company or comparison to honest people.

Like vampires near holy water, they shrivel whenever that water is sprinkled on them.

Tony Avella is so much more honest and intelligent than most of the others on the council that they all look tiny when even his name is mentioned.

And, these others, in their hateful corruption, will screw their own constituents (as Katz does) rather than align themselves with honest proposals for city problems.

Their detestation of Tony Avella should tell you everything you need to know about them, about their own corruption. Accept their loathing as a confession of their own dark fears and self-loathing incompetence.

Anonymous said...

This manly woman is severely out of touch with her current constituents. I have yet to see her appear in areas she represents outsite of Forest Hills.

In fact she should take an immediate pay cut 50-75% FOR THE NO-SHOW JOB SHE DOES NOW. She won't need to take a pay cut in her next job since she will not win the Controller primary. This sorry looking and performing candidate is conflicted by taking contributions from RE developers in the past that allowed her district to radically altered by RE developers which is backing her now for city-wide office. Stop the conflict, the no-show representation and the ongoing ruining of your neighborhood by sending Katz back to the private sector.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Melinda will ever go back to the private sector. I am sure she has some other job lined up living off the government teat should she not make it through next week's primary. Deputy Mayor, Deputy Borough President, etc. There are career hacks and she is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Katz trying to act like Avella? She is so unethical that she wouldn't know where to begin. Sorry, Ms. Katz, but you can't change your stripes overnight just because it's politically expedient.

Avella is the real deal. Thompson has also emulated Avella when it's convenient, namely with regard to firing Joel Klein.

Too bad that neither Katz nor Thompson ever had an original thought, or an ethical one, before this primary race heated up.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Melinda linked romantically to Alan Hevesi in the past? Why the posts about her allegedly being gay?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Melinda linked romantically to Alan Hevesi in the past? Why the posts about her allegedly being gay?

It appears that Katz is avoiding the question of is she or not, gay. Like any affliation questions on her position on issues affecting an affiation such as being gay could change a voters outlook of her. Will she spend too much time on gay issues when her area is only <1%? Is she aligned with Quin - a pact with the she-devil herrself? Katz should clear this cloudiness about herself to clear the air and move on to voter concerns.

If Katz were to win - would she sell out the entire city to developers as she did in Queens?

You are better served as citizens if you look past this light-weight beholden to the RE industry to other (any other ) candidates.

Anonymous said...

Katz is a big phony. If she is so concerned about NYC & its finances, why is she doing her printing & mailing in New Jersey???

Felix said...

Who wants to clean up Katz litter?