Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Katz throws Hevesi 'under the bus' during debate

From the Village Voice:

Last night's Democratic comptroller candidates' debate had a moment that made at least a few of us cringe -- and searching for the replay button to make sure we heard what we thought we heard.

The moment came during the perennial "Lightning Round" - those "Yes" or "No" zingers from NY1 host Dominic Carter designed to reveal small truths and provide a light moment or two. But when Carter asked the four candidates if Bill Thompson has been a better city comptroller than his predecessor, Alan Hevesi, there was more tragedy than comedy when the question came around to Melinda Katz. Without hesitating, the Queens city councilwoman threw her longtime mentor and ally under the bus as she joined her three rivals by declaring Thompson the better of the two. Ouch!

Hevesi was Katz's political tutor and good friend. The two own homes near each other in Forest Hills, and Katz has often spoken of how her neighbor, then a powerful state assemblyman, encouraged her to become politically active. Katz worked on Hevesi's campaigns, was active in his political club, and inherited his old assembly seat after Hevesi was elected city comptroller in 1993. Hevesi was such a fierce backer of his young protege when she ran for his seat in 1994 that he broke ranks with angry county Democratic leaders who had already endorsed another candidate.

Forget the rumors about an even closer relationship between the pair. That's beside the point. What counts is that -- in a nano-second -- Katz junked her longtime guru for political advantage.


Anonymous said...

No surprise - she has already dumped all her friends.

Anonymous said...

Bet she hasn't dumped Pinky.

Anonymous said...

one word..........cunt!

Anonymous said...

I guess that Hevesi didn't perform according to Melinda's desires when they were in their "canoodling" period.

When an out/lesbian has to lie on her back for a powerful man
(ug-g-g-h-h!) like Allan just to get a leg up in the political game she is going to bolt eventually after she get what she wants.

Payback is a bitch...ain't it !

Now she can lie on her back for all of her developer friends when it's time for her to pay them back for all the money they threw at her political campaigns.

Alley Katz...she's used to being a slut anyway.

Anonymous said...

Another dumb piece by the Voice. Hevesi was dumped as a disgrace and committed illegal acts. Was Katz supposed to ignore this and lie that he was better than Thompson because Hevesi helped her early in her career?

Anonymous said...

What is the woman supposed to say...Hevesi was ousted from office amid criminal charges.

If she said "Hevesi was better" she'd be creamed. She gave the right answer.