Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just what Court Square needs: a giant hotel

From The Real Deal:

Despite the weak hospitality market, a no-frills Japanese hotel company is moving ahead with plans to build a 699-unit hotel across the street from the Citibank tower in Long Island City, Queens, which if built would become the city's largest hotel in the outer boroughs.

The hotelier Toyoko Inn filed an application this month with the Department of City Planning seeking approval for a floor area bonus in exchange for building subway improvements, according to agency documents.

The company bought the five parcels, with addresses 24-05 to 24-19 Jackson Avenue near 45th Avenue, in October 2007 for $17.75 million, records show. In May 2008, the hotel filed plans with the city Department of Buildings for the towering structure.

Plans describe a hotel 385 feet tall with 699 rooms, making it the largest hotel in the outer boroughs and the 22nd largest hotel in the city. It will be 15 stories shorter than the 50-story Citibank tower nearby.


Anonymous said...

Jobs, jobs, jobs! What's the problem. If the prices are reasonable it will be 1 subway stop from Manhattan. Sounds like a winner to me. By the time it gets built NYC will be booming again (I hope).

Anonymous said...

Jobs, jobs, jobs? Maybe for illegals changing bedding and lightbulbs.

When will NYC create REAL jobs that educated people who are now unemployed need?

Anonymous said...

LIC is already oversaturated with hotels operating below occupancy.

This will never be built.

Anonymous said...

"Jobs, jobs, jobs!"

Yes, what we need are more temporary construction jobs followed by jobs for housekeepers. That will set the economy on the right track!

Anyone else remember when that area was supposed to be the next Jersey City?

WTF happened?

Queens Crapper said...

From wikipedia:

"In early 2006, a scandal surfaced in which Toyoko Inn was found to have illegally altered 77 of its hotels after the buildings had been approved by building inspectors; of these, 60 were found to violate building codes, and 18 to violate regulations on access for disabled people."

Anonymous said...

Is that number right? 699 rooms? Six HUNDRED and ninety nine? WTF?

Anonymous said...

This Hotel and all the others are due to the MR. Bloomberg's rezoning of LIC, to transform it into another MANHATTAN. He has kicked most of the middle class and poor out, to make room for the rich. Now he wants to finish the job. NY and LIC can't take 4 more years of BLOOMBERG. It will become BLOOMBERGVILLE instead of LIC.